This story probably needs an excuse…um, explanation. If you're interested in the actual story, go ahead and skip to the next chapter. So:

Each section is written by a separate one of my friends, each trying to outdo each other for pointless chaos (and most of them do a smashing job of it, at that) - thus all the different styles. Then a brief attempt of sanity on my part before it's passed on to someone else. The various type faces (italic - the conspirators, bold - the parts written by someone else, and regular - the bits I attempt to fill in) are my pathetic attempts to make this a little easier to read. Well, I hope you enjoy this and sincerely pray that it doesn't drive you insane before you finish.

Aside from myself, the following people have thus far contributed:

Blades of Ice as: Marigold
neatobeans as: Bru
Sherra as: Enth-tenth
AzurianMatriarch: as Petunia
(sorry, guys, had to implicate you here)

The other characters are portrayals of other friends who haven't yet been convinced (coerced) into opening accounts on this illustrious site.

Finally: My sincerest apologies for this whole thing. And on with the show…