Zoe blinked at the fuzzy rodent.

GO YOU STUPID SLAVE! raged Lord Alfred.

Suddenly, Lord Alfred's weight disappeared from Zoe's shoulder.

AHHHHH! screamed the rodent.

Buttercup was jumping on Lord Alfred's back.

"I…won't…let…you…hurt…the…APPLEJUICE!" raged the coo coo.

"Zoe, let's make a break for it."

Petey grabbed Zoe's arm and dragged her from the club.

"Hop on!"

Petey pointed to a motorcycle, which Chutney had painted purple by looks of it.  Moo was sitting on the cycle and Petey pushed Zoe into the sidecar thing.  Petey then jumped on Moo's head and turned into an afro.  Moo revved the engine and they were off like a dirty shirt.

Suddenly the engine sputtered and the motorcycle stopped dead, wheels spinning uselessly.  Zoe glanced backwards to see Lord Alfred clinging o the rear tire.

You will not leave me behind! he shouted, and made a flying leap onto Zoe's shoulder.

One the chipmunk let go of the wheel, the bike lurched forward, bearing the multi-crew away from the Disco Club.

"Well, that's a little better," said Marigold.

"I disbelieve in Disco Clubs!" shouted Enth-tanenth.

"Sure you do," said Bru.  "Who's next?"

"I'll try," said Chris.

"Sure." She was quickly tossed both book and pen.