Typically I hate doing introductions such as this, but the stories that follow seem to necessitate such a thing. I call this The Shadowlands Collective and though it may look as though it's one, horrendously long story, it's not. It's a collection of several stories that take place in the same universe, but since they all intertwine, it's nearly impossible to separate them. None of them are really novel length, though some border on novellas much to my horror. If it seems that the consensus is that they should be broken up, I'll do that, but for now I'll stick with the format as is.

The first two "instalments," so to speak, are nothing more than excerpts from history annals. The stories follow quickly after. I'll post things as soon as possible, but please realise that I not only work full time and attend university, I also have other writings as well.

Order as follows:
Creation Myth
The Fall From Favour
Too Seek, To Find
A Leap of Faith
Thief Comes a Stalking
Blood Sins

A Meeting at Impasse

Ashes to Ashes (a separate continuum)

I appreciate any who take the time to read this and give my writings a chance. It really does mean a lot to me.

T. M. Harrington