hey - this is a short piece (two pieces actually) that my buddy Jupiter and I put together. So she gets credit too! Otherwise, this is just supposed to be a rather light-hearted conversation between a cat and dog with this first part being the dog...(as i think you'll be able to tell) So yeah...enjoy!

Puppy Love

Never too ready to play,
I'll dash around all day.
Hate and abandon you never,
I'll be your friend forever.

At your side each and every day,
More than happy to show the way.
Please to do as I've been told,
And watch the moon as night grows cold.

Can't you come out and have some fun?
Stop hiding inside, away from the sun.
And won't you stop being so prissy?
So when adventure comes, you won't be a sissy.

And please stop changing your mind.
Make a few friends; try being kind.
A day of leisure isn't so bad,
And stop pouting, it makes you look sad.

So why not spend a day,
And try these things I say.
We'll run around and play leapfrog.
It's not nearly so bad being a dog!

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