hey! here's the second in this pair of poems, again by Jupiter and I...lol! enjoy!

The Cat's Reply

Wait a minute, before you go on,
I'd rather sleep from dusk till dawn
Than chase my tail round and round
Only to cry when it's been found.

Of course I'm your friend, you just don't see,
The quiet sort of companion that I can be.
I may be independent, but that's a good thing
I don't ask to play, that's so annoying.

Adventure can be found in more than one place,
I'm having a good time so get off my case.
My beautiful coat that shines in the sun
Can't be compared to a coat of muddy "fun".

My charm is more than you could hope to find.
I'm entirely too dignified for your little mind.
If you don't complain they won't know what you need.
Just wagging your tail won't make them heed.

Being too cheerful makes you a pest.
You see, I like my peaceful life best.
Whether it's climbing a tree or catching a rat,
It's much, much better being a cat!

so yeah, that's it...tell us wut u thought ^_^;