I do not know where I should post this, so I'm posting it here. It's amazing what one can come up with when they have conversations with themselves. Anything is better then listening to my instructors drone on and on about useless calculus and endocrine stuff all day.

Internal Conversations

By Silver Elf Child

Someone once asked me, what has HE done for you?'

My reply was simple. "He has done great things; some were significant and other's minute. He has accomplished the improbable and the possible. He has shown Love when others give hate. He is all and none at the same time."

"I have heard of what He has done, but I want to know what He has done for YOU?!"

"He has done more for me than any other. He is my sun, my moon, the sky and stars. He is everything I am and everything I will be. Without him I am nothing. With Him I am anything."

"Yes, yes, but what has He DONE for you?"

"He gave me life, and made me whole. He made me who I am and taught me to love. He's always there for me like any loving father. He comforts me when I cry and He protects me from harm. He gave me wisdom and a freedom to choose. He is the comforter of my soul and a friend I can lean on. He never tires of my mistakes and forgives all my shortcomings. He gave me his son, whom I love."

"I do not understand how you can love something in which you cannot touch or see."

"That is because you do not wish to see. Let me tell you a story from long ago. It's a story of three wise men who traveled to Bethlehem to deliver gifts to the new born king."

"I've already heard that story a thousand times," complained my companion.

"Yes you have, but not the way I am about to tell it. You see each wise man brought a gift. The first gift was gold. Gold is very valuable and proclaims one's worth. This day and age we put too much emphasis on materialism. When gold is pure it is worth more then other specimens with impurities. This gold, that the wise man brought, was pure and worth much. It cost us dearly.

The second gift was myrrh. Myrrh is a plant with a sweet smell. It was used as a medicine for pain relief, as well as a perfume and incense. The Son, whom I love, is my sweetness in life. When life turns my visions to sour thoughts, He replaces them with sweet ones. When I hurt, He heels my pain. When I'm spiritually weak He strengthens me with his word. When I say or think bad things He helps remove the pain I feel and the pain I inflict. When He died on Calvary's cross He took away the pain of death so I would not have to feel such agony.

The third gift was frankincense. This item was used to cover up the smell of decomposing bodies. It has a rich and aromatic odor. Not only does He cover up death, but also He conquered it by rising from the grave. For all of those who believe in Him, death shall terrify us no longer."

"Lovely story, but I still don't see your point."

"My point is simple. Gold represents Jesus' purity and value. Monetary and commercial items only bring brief happiness. Their value diminishes over time. Finding peace with God and trusting in Jesus as our savior is a treasured value that increases with time and brings everlasting joy. Myrrh symbolizes how He relieves our pain, whether it is in our body, mind or soul. It is a wonderful thought to know that He suffered the ultimate pain for us. Lastly, frankincense represents His resurrection. He conquered death for each and every one of us so we would not be lost to damnation, but to be saved. He took away the sting of death for everyone, including those who don't believe in Him. The only condition to this freely given gift is to believe in Him. Frankincense has a powerful scent. Tell me, when you are in your room or down a city street and you smell the aroma of your moms cooking or a barbecue smoking, what do you know? Let me answer that for you. You know that there is food being prepared somewhere. You don't need to see the food to know that it's there. That's what God is like. You don't need to be able to see God to know that He loves you and is there. You learned that when you learned about Jesus. I may not have seen or touched Him when He was on this Earth, but He has left his mark. Like the scent of food on the breeze we know Jesus is with us. We can't see a smell, yet we know its' there. I can't see Jesus, but I know He's always with me. He said that He would never leave me or forsake me. That is how I can love someone I cannot see or touch. I feel Him in my soul and I have seen His miracles. I hope you will come to see what He so lovingly gave you and take hold of His special gifts."

I sat quietly thinking about what I had just told myself. He has given me these things and more. I never knew that I could tell another about the gifts I have received, but I guess, in a small way I have. While I sat here writing this paper three wildflowers bloomed in the flowerbed behind me. I guess the Lord still works His miracles today.

Smile, Live, Laugh, Love and God Bless