This Quiet Day

So that I could have this quiet day
You painted the skies blue and set the earth under my feet.
The stream of golden sunshine is beaming from Your Heart,
Scenting the air with a breath of May.
Your Voice floats by on the breeze,
Swishing in and out of the leaves and blades of grass that sing to me.

So that I could have this day of life
You set my form in order, keeping watch over all my hours.
Light to my mind and a flicker to my eyes You so ordained,
I change as time renews itself.
Your Words are in the moon above by whose silvery light I rest
It's You Who's given me "miles to go" and "promises to keep,"
When done, You set Your angels to guard the watches of the night.

So that I could have this living hope,
You tore Your Heart in two, even so, calmly you call
Me to have a stroll with You outside the village on the green,
A place where life is so completely alive, songs swelling
From bluebirds and wildflowers, the pure sight of love enduring.
I sink to my knees as You smile sadly, gazing at the ground
My fingers brush away the dirt mixed with Blood and the Wrath-Cup emptied,
Suddenly I understand that not so very long ago, this abundant life was all of death
For the One of Whom the land cries "In this place Someone died,"
that I could live a blessed life, and have this quiet day.