Romeo spotted withered affections to Juliet.

Hamlet left Ophelia in her hour of need.

One of my hands was tied,

and the other restless.

With my long hair cut short

and Dylan's words flowing in and out of me.

I couldn't help but be alarmed.


for the moon,

or the sun,

which ever my latest conquests desires.

Like a fortuneteller,

I went barefoot.

My back,

and belly bare.

In a trance I stay silent.

I kneeled beneath my window,

already prepared to lose myself.

My sin was what tumbled me,

so soon,

in my sense of rebelling against the system.

I carry my broken body over the shoulder of his slippery lips.

My mother wouldn't recognize me in this state.

My world

constructed in a foreign shade of black and white.


could be harmful in times like these,


the fact that I'm a women.

My only purpose is to catch my man before he falls,

even though I myself am hanging over the edge.

I expected rain,

even though it was a clear day outside.

I expected to be caught, before losing my last grip

but before I knew it,

I hit the edge.