as a leader of small birds

I did not know this:

on the side, my uncle was a revolutionary
who led small birds to the school building
and opened the classroom windows, so the
desks were littered with black ragged feathers,
and my uncle said (in those halcyon measureless days that
were far and long

"regicide is not
murder because the seas are at fault."
and he was not
afraid of comets and once(later he related)he led
his small winged
zealots to the admin. meeting and let them make shadows along the
walls, and then he took them to the forests
and ran until he finally gave in

and fell asleep.

I suppose

he could have been a hero
of sorts to his unconscious junta, who
flocked by his faux marble
sleeping under a bed of spanish moss transplanted from
a weekend in florida .

then he bought a cat, and
the revolution was over