The loud howl of the trains final boarding call startled Ingrid out of a light sleep. Her green eyes opening wide, letting her pupils dilate to the darkness of the late hour and the trains dime lights. Her brow covered in a silvery sweat, the tips of her hair moist.

After smoothing her small hands over her dark blue jeans she carefully wiped the tarnished dream she had been jerked out of from her face, and her features, then rested them absently on her round belly. Inside her mind she cradled the unborn child within her, kissing her baby's small features, and breathing the presence of him in deep.

Ingrid was small for her 7th month, her stomach barley protruding from her lose fitting sweater. Any of the travelers on the midnight train out of St. Anthony would view her as just a normal teenager, or even a child. Barely 17, her porcelain like features still held the presence of a 10-year-old.

Taking a deep breath, Ingrid allowed herself to relax. But it was a dim calm, what if he finds me? She asked herself, ducking her upper body slightly from her window seat. Don't be ridicules; she argued Kyle has no idea I'm leaving, she assured herself. Taking her hand and putting it on the to puncture wounds on her neck that so far had been hidden by long brown curls that shaped her face, and made her look younger then she was. The marks were new, only given to her the night before, but already they were starting to heal, unnatural, but think of what's growing inside me. Ingrid sighed, memories of Kyle's sweet face, from before all of this had happened, and his teeth last night. I'm doing the right thing...She hesitated for my baby...and for me.

"Our baby." She heard Kyle's voice inside her head calm and cool as always. Ingrid winced, if only she could get far away from him, his presence wouldn't be so strong within her and then maybe I can forget about him.

"Excuse me." Ingrid was quickly torn out of her thoughts; she looked up, startled, thinking for a moment that Kyle had found her. "May I sit here?" A starchy looking man in a business suit asked. Ingrid nodded her head, checking to make sure that the wound on her neck was covered.

The man sat and introduced himself, and being polite Ingrid did the same and shock his shaky hand-the man seemed like he had had to much coffee for his own good. Ingrid kept her distance as he adjusted his jacket for more comfort and Ingrid noticed the gun, positioned in the holder under his arm. Ingrid swallowed hard, not wanting to star but finding it impossible to look away from the Black Hand gun. "It's all right." The man assured her. "I'm not here for you." Ingrid smiled, even more alarmed then before.

Ingrid didn't have to guess why the man carried a weapon. No doubt it was due to the murders that had plagued the town for the last few months. The death toll was almost up to 13; men, women, and children it didn't matter who, all were killed by the violent murderer nicknamed The Predator by the local and international papers. Little did the man know that "The predator." Was really Kyle Heller, 18-year-old straight A student and star hockey player by day. Vampire and murderer by night.

Ingrid turned to look out the window, dim lights gave a barely visible picture of St. Anthony, a place where she thought she found her soul mate years ago, the place that she grew up, the place that held such joy, but with it also such sadness. Ingrid felt her stomach again, and an icy fear griped across her heart. Will my baby be human or something else...