Chapter Three

Ingrid's day had been what it usually was each day. First period she had Photography, which by far was her favorite class, she loved the way that she could create and manipulate her pictures into new forms. Ingrid's worst class was science, which, oddly enough was the only class that Kyle thrived in. As usual Ingrid was the first one in the class, being that the darkroom was just a few steps away. Casually she made her way to the lab station that she shared with Kyle, Krista, and Travis. Placing her lab book of the cold surfaced desk and propping herself on the tall stole.

With her chin resting on the palm of her hand she day dreamed, pacing the time before her friends joined her. Krista was the first to enter, with an unusual excitement about her. "Oh, my god." She shrieked. "I have got so much to tell you."

"What?" Ingrid asked, curios as to the news that excited her friend so much. Krista took a breath; it became obvious to Ingrid that she must have ran the whole way here. "Well tell me."

"Ok." Krista breathed; her voice quieted her loud panting for air. "First period. Shannon and Blake broke up.

"What?" Ingrid gasped, thinking back to how long Shannon and Blake had been going out, longer then me and Kyle, she thought. But she had just seen them having their usual make out session this morning, this isn't right. "What happened?"

"Blake, was totally putting the moves on the new girl.

"What new girl?"
Shock formed on Krista's face. "You haven't heard about the new girl."

Ingrid shock her head.

"Her name's...I don't remember her name but it's a strange name, and she's new. She comes in to cooking this morning and every guy starts drooling. Including Blake, with Shannon right their. Anyway Blake goes over and talks to her, the next thing we know Shannon slaps him, tears running down her face and she screams its over, and storms out. But Blake isn't even fazed, and goes straight to the new girl."

"What's she look like?"

"Hmmm..." Krista thought a moment. "Blond."

"Well that's about half the world, anything more specific."

"No." Krista said taking her seat across from Ingrid just as Kyle and Travis walk in.

"Hey." Kyle breathed kissing Ingrid before taking his seat beside her. Travis followed his motion, sitting next to Krista and across from Kyle.

The bell rang a moment latter, and the class flooded with most of the other students who had been in the hall talking with their friends, and avoiding their classes. "Welcome class." Said Mr. Kelly folding down the overhead screen and facing the class. "Today we have a new student." Women emerged from the doorway, her small form in a short black skirt with a pink tank top and black leather jacket over it. Her head bounced with large blond curls, which shaped and formed her oval face, the lightness of her hair only highlighting the deepness of her blue eyes. Ingrid was dumb struck, never had she seen another person look like that, she was completely ordinary but completely exotic at the same time. "What was your name again?" He asked, embarrassment as well as awe on his face as he looked over his new young student.

"Alla." She assured him. "Alla Venus."

"Oh yes. Class this is Alla Venus, let's try to give her a warm welcome here at St. Anthony." Alla smiled at him and the class as he stumbled over the sentence. "Find yourself an empty seat Mrs. Venus."


Alla walked back from the front of the room, every eye on her as she searched out an empty lab seat. Several guys offered a seat next to them but she chose to sit with a group of girls who ran in the popular circle. As she passed by Ingrid's vision was caught on the crescent moon shaped necklace that the girl wore, it looked like crystal I wonder if she has a lot of money. Ingrid watched as she sat and introduced herself to Melody and Rachel, thank god Shannon's not in this class. Ingrid turned to face forward but she couldn't help but notice how Kyle hadn't been one of the guys who couldn't take their eyes off the new beauty. At first she thought it was sweet but then she noticed the look of fear on his face. "Are you all right?" She whispered. Kyle didn't even look back up at her as he whispered back.

"I don't feel so good."