AN: I dedicate this to anyone who has ever lost a loved one in his or her life. I'm just starting on the poetry thing, so this is a first for me. I have written fan poetry for animes and such, but never one like this before, so please don't flame me. Thank you!

"With All My Heart"
By Lady Yuy

With all my heart and soul
I loved you more then life

When the time came to say good-bye
I thought my heart would die

To see you laying there as cold as ice
I thought my life was over

But then a thought came to my mind
of you soaring with angels in the sky

With all my heart and soul
I wanted to believe it was not true

With all my heart and soul
I wanted to believe it was not you

I feel the tears fall down my cheeks
as they lower you down into the deep

And as they take the soil of the world
to bury you forever and ever

I can't help but feel the fear
of coming home without you

To take a life so precious
and throw it all away

Would be a sin of all things
as I learned on that fateful day

And now my heart is breaking
as I walk away from you

The life I knew is over
I must start a life anew

But still my heart aches for you
To wonder what you went through

How scared you must have been
in those last final moments

Sometimes I wonder to myself
"Why did it have to be you?"

And then a pain swells in my heart
For I am lost without you

I pray for life to be as it was
but I know it will never be the same

And to think of all the happy times
we had together each day

And now to think of you brings me peace
for I know you watch over me

And feel your warmth within my soul
Means more then life to me

With all my heart and soul
I will love you until forever