Taboo Child

The cessation of vertigo.

He fell deeper…


                                         and deeper…

                                                               into the endless vortex of blackness and insecurity.

He was falling… for as long as he could remember. How long, he did not know. The only thing he knew at that moment was that the bond he once shared with her was broken. Is this his fate? Is this his destiny – not able to be love and be loved back?

He was alone. He had always been. His mother left him when he was still young, and then his father neglected him later on; often blamed him for the death of his wife. Didn't he realize at that moment? That the death of his wife had affected him deeply as well?

And then…he met her. He had always thought her as a lovely lady. He often saw her casting her gaze upon the horizon where she would hum softly to herself, a melody so sweet that would give him wings to fledge and grace to soar among the blueness of the sky. He would then cower himself behind the oaken tress, afraid of being spotted, afraid of being recognized. All he ever wanted was to observe her, to scrutinize her every movement and to study her angelic feature. Ruffling strands of auburn hair that wavers gracefully when blown by the mistral, mysterious pair of adoring eyes that glowered with much joviality with each smile craved on that vulnerable mien, fine crimson lips that resembled the skin of a crisp, moist apple……

She was perfect no matter how he looked at her.

But nowadays, he had seen her sobbing silently in shadowed corners and when he expressed his concerns, she ignored him. He had to do something. He just had to.

Mama, mama, look. Pretty aren't they? The next door uncle gives them to me. He says they are for mama.

She smiled bitterly upon gazing the beautiful bouquet of roses. He looked on hopefully –

– and she slapped them away. His hope went tumbling down as the last light flickered out into the nothingness. He watched in horror.

She screamed. He begged her not to cry. She tortured him. He begged her not to be mad. But his pleadings fell on deaf ears. Perhaps mercy was the only thing that did not exist in this world. He could only choke back tears and wait for miracles to save him. But god did not answer to his pleads. He was soon left in a state of shock and despair for she had wounded him beyond any assurgent – both physically and mentally…

But, in spite of all the injuries and wounds he obtained, all the torments he overcome…

He smiled –


Surely, this is all a dream. He whispered, barely audible. Everything will end once this nightmare ends.

And yet, the nightmare went on for days and days, and soon he was consumed, completely by the surging darkness…

The child died a week later, all the while still clutching onto the rotten roses given by his friendly neighbour, still believing that there is a part of her that is still perfect. A part of her that would treat him like her own child. A part of her that would smile for him alone…be it once, just once and he will be truly blessed.

Yet, his wish was not granted, even till the day he died.

The End

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