Ok…this is my first fic…I wrote it as a school piece of original writing so just see what you think! Be kind! :D

Maria turned and dropped down behind the tree. As she caught her breath her mind went frantically around in circles. She tried to remember how long she had been stuck on the island. It seemed like years but it could only have been about a month. In all the time she and the others had been there, they had not seen another living person. And now, here she was, crouching behind a tree hiding from…what? What could be chasing her across a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? She suddenly realised she was breathing very noisily and that even if it couldn't see her it would definitely hear her. She wondered if it could be a type of predatory creature. But when they had arrived the island had been overrun with small, harmless creatures.

She heard a soft footfall from the other side of the tree and instantly held her breath. Instinctively she made herself as small as possible. And then, she heard something. It wasn't an animal noise; it was a human voice! She lifted her head off her knees and a half-smile came to her lips. This instantly fell when she found she didn't recognise the voice and its words made her blood run cold. It was crooning softly, almost to itself, as if its words would calm its quarry.

Maria sat, terrified, as the harsh, murderous words drew nearer and then stopped altogether. When they started again, the voice was softer than ever and twice as deadly. She wondered if she dared move. If she did then the person would know she was there for certain. But did they already know anyway? Were they winding her up further so she would show the hunter exactly where she was? As she sat, waiting, her mind spinning dizzily, the strangest things came into her head, childhood nursery rhymes, poems and songs long forgotten drifted across her mind. After a time she realised the voice had stopped. But was this a trick too? Was the hunter playing mind games with her? She sat, frozen to the spot and wondered if she would be able to move if she wanted to now.

After she had been sitting for several hours, the sun began to rise. As it did she heard soft footfalls padding off the way they had come, the voice muttering bitterly to itself as it stalked off. Maria found herself still too terrified to move, and remained where she was until the sun was high in the sky.

Ok…so I know its short for a first chapter…but still! Tell me what you think…maybe… :s

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