Chapter 4… the last

The two men studied Maria as she sat in the room legs drawn up to her body, muttering insensibly to herself, eyes squeezed tight shut.

"Still no change?" the tall man in the grey suit asked.

"Nothing" said the second man, wearing a long coat over his suit. "She hasn't responded to anything we tried. We've attempted to talk to her about what happened on that island, but she's delirious. She seems to be reliving a period of a few days. We're not sure what happened during that time but it traumatised her a lot. We put a microphone in her room and she seems to talk a lot to her twin, Majandra was her name, wasn't it?" He studied the first man closely. "Are you alright sir? I know how hard it can be to see close family members like this. We are all doing our best to see she comes out of this I can assure you."

"I'm sure you are. I was told this was the best clinic in the world, and I have no reason to suggest otherwise." He didn't take his eyes off his daughter for a second as he spoke. His face was ashen and he looked like he hadn't slept for months. "Alice couldn't be here. She's had to fly off to Japan for a business conference. She was distraught. This is such a hard time for the whole family." At this point a tall, blond haired young man came into the room bowing his head slightly to fit under the frame, with two cups of coffee held in his hands.

"How is she? Any change?" he asked handing his father a cup of coffee. The two men shook their heads. The youth joined them at the window, and stood watching his little sister.

Later when father and son had gone home for the night, Zach decided to say something to his father about Majandra.


"Dad?" Zach took a deep breath as his father faced him "wha…when…when are we going to have a…a…something for Majandra?" Alistair looked up sharply and narrowed his eyes

"A funeral you mean? You really think she's dead then?" he turned his back on Zach shaking his head.

"No…yes…I don't know. Look Dad I just…it's not likely is it? The island was only two miles wide and three long. They searched it thoroughly. We should stop hoping they're going to find something. Isn't it worse spending our whole lives hoping and praying that she got split up from Maria in a freak storm and is surviving on an even smaller island somewhere else in the Pacific? Dad, I have been thinking about this every second of every minute for the last five months! But…I can't do it anymore. It's destroying our family. We have to grieve for her and then carry on with our lives." Zach paused, tears spilling from his stormy grey eyes. "Dad…" he whispered almost inaudibly. Alistair turned exposing his own tear stained face.

"Oh God Zachary" he held his arms out and they stood holding each other as tears poured from both their eyes.

"It hurts so much" Zach said "every day. I hate myself for thinking this but I almost wish she were dead, because then I wouldn't have this constant pain inside. Thinking I see her in the street, everywhere I see her face and it's killing me inside. Dad, please tell me I'm not alone in this." He buried his head in his father's shoulder. His father's voice was as quiet as his own had been.

"Son. I…of course I understand. I can't sleep, and when I do I just see the two of them as they always were. Laughing and messing about. But you're right…we…can't carry on like this. It's madness and we're not doing ourselves any good by doing it." he pulled away from his son and wiped the tears from his face. "So tomorrow, I will go to the funeral director and arrange something." Zach wiped away his own tears and smiled at his Dad.


They both smiled and then through some unspoken agreement tried to lift the mood. They called the Chinese food restaurant and ordered their dinner. Zach and Alistair spent the evening eating their food and watching classic action films, feeling that, at least for the moment, everything would be OK.

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