The Outsider

Then finally, the day came that Maddy had both been longing for and dreading. Jessica and Katherine approached her in the playground with excited expressions on their usually detached faces.

"We've brought it, are you sure she's not home until six?" Katherine spoke quickly, breathily, excited at the prospect of what was to come. Maddy nodded slowly, a smile spreading across her hidden face,

"Can I see it?" she asked tentatively,

"Well.ok, but DON'T touch it, ok?" Katherine said, directing a fierce look towards Maddy. Jessica pulled out the bright pink bag from her green school bag and opened it, showing brightly coloured lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushers.

Maddy reached out a hand, mesmerised by it and the bag was immediately snatched back

"She said; don't touch it, so don't!" Jessica's eyes were looking decisively stormy grey, so Maddy quickly mumbled an apology and plunged her hands into her worn anorak's pockets.

The day flew by, then suddenly it was half past three and Jessica and Katherine were standing with their usual group of admirers hanging around them. They gestured subtly for Maddy to wait for them just outside the gate.

When the crowd had finally dispersed Jessica and Katherine hurried over and without a word the three hurried off. Maddy in the lead, Jessica and Katherine behind giggling nervously at the prospect of visiting her house, and quietly discussing how cool the people at school would think they were on Monday when they turned up with one of HER things.

They would say how they broke in and how she had nearly caught them, but they had seen where it had happened and how they weren't even slightly scared.

As they turned the corner of her street Maddy became more uneasy, what if her mother came home early? But no, that never happened. She relaxed, and let herself into the house.

The twins followed looking distastefully at the worn furnishings around them. Maddy led them into the front room and they sat on the newest piece of furniture they could find.

They began almost immediately, and finally as the shadows were lengthening outside Jessica and Katherine sat back on their heels and looked at each other in triumph.

"I'm just going to use your bathroom" Jessica said, looking excitedly at Katherine. Maddy directed her and Jessica left.

Katherine led Maddy over to the mirror and she looked cautiously at her reflection. She was shocked, was that her? You could hardly see the scars and she had a shimmery green eyeshadow on, her lips were a dark pink and Maddy almost burst into tears. She turned to Katherine

"Thank you so much!" she smiled at the tall girl in front of her. Katherine looked uncomfortable,

"Its fine, you look better like this anyway" she said, and smiled briefly, as a feeling she was unfamiliar with passed through her, was that guilt? She shrugged it off as she heard Jessica's footsteps on the stairs.

She entered the room and looked strangely at Katherine. At that moment Maddy heard a familiar sound on the doorstep.

"Oh no" she said and looked desperately around her for help.

Her mother entered the room and froze.

A look flitted across her face like a deer caught in headlights, but changed quickly into a stern, yet still slightly surprised look.

"Hi" Jessica said coolly "we were just leaving, weren't we Kat?" her sister nodded vaguely, and they pushed past Sarah whispering fiercely to each other as they left.
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