Meeting Him: Chapter One

"Hey Chrissy, wait up!" shouted Emily. Chrissy's short brown hair swish as she turned around. Emily, her best friend, was running to Chrissy, swinging her backpack -- which seemed to double her in width--on her back and her ponytail bobbing up and down as she shouted, "Wait for me!"

Emily finally caught up, and was breathing deep breaths. "You look like a total maniac running down the sidewalk and shouting 'Wait for me!' And don't think that people didn't notice that you tripped halfway." Chrissy was one of those girls that fit into the crowd. She was like any normal 14- year-old girl: brown short hair and dark brown eyes that sparkled with innocence.

After a five-minute walk, they finally reached the crowded bus stop. Chrissy turned around and saw David walking towards the bus stop with a group of his friends. Horrible memories that she wished she had no part of began racing through her mind once again.

"Whom are you staring at?" "No one" responded Chrissy "Oohh, you're staring at your ex again, aren't you."

Chrissy turned around quickly, hoping that David wouldn't see the tears in her eyes. She wiped away her tears; she shouldn't be crying over a guy that had used her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw whom she called "him". He was her own neighbor, yet she didn't know his name. Emily turned her head to see whom Chrissy was staring at now. "Emily, who is he?" Chrissy asked as she pointed towards him. "Who, him?" When Emily said "him" she pulled out the last syllable making it sound as if it was a disgrace to ask whom he was. "That's Aaron. Why, you don't talk to him, do you?"

Chrissy didn't answer, but continued to stare at him. He'd be very handsome, if he'd loose the glasses and actually brushed his hair. Something about him made Chrissy's eye's stick to him like glue.

She felt a cold chill run up and down her spine as some autumn leaves feel from the trees. The bus came, and she jumped onto the bus to find the perfect seat. Somewhere that didn't have gum on the seat or wasn't where the geeks sit. Even while she was finding a seat, she kept thinking about him.

She took a seat near the window and watched as the other kids got on the bus. Finally, Aaron climbed aboard. He looked so pathetically weak, and she feared that the jocks would come on the bus soon and push him around.

Chrissy was right. Just as Aaron got on the bus, Ryan and Brandon got on the bus. They pushed Aaron to the side and said, "Move it weakling." Aaron got up but sat back down for he had decided to sit in the gum filled seat he was pushed into. Chrissy couldn't stand them or their behavior. Her anger was rising and before she knew it, she stood up and started to protest about what they just did.

"Hey you jerks, why did you just do that? He didn't do anything to you!" Ryan and Brandon turned around and stared at her brown eyes that were now filled with fury. "Oh, I'm so scared." Ryan said sarcastically. Brandon added in, "If you feel so tough, hit me."

Chrissy jumped out of her seat and stomped up to him. Right as she was about to punch him in the face, he grabbed her fist, just as she suspected. Chrissy knew that he was going to do that. She took her right leg and kicked him hard in the stomach. Brandon released his grip and bent over holding on to his stomach. "Yea, you betta be sorry," said Chrissy as she dug into the jock's left back Jean pocket for the money that she saw him take slyly from Aaron. "I'll be taking that." while waving the five dollars in front of Brandon's face. She pointed at Ryan, whose face was pale, and said, "You betta watch it." While walking back, she stopped by Aaron's seat, said, "I believe this belongs to you," and moved back to her seat before and saying nothing more.