Invited, no
But I did go

Hid in silence
Waited for a while
Till they looked away
And suddenly I smiled

It was my chance
My only chance

Guests came in and
Some others swiftly went
In between the chaos
I began my descent

Chorus :

I stood amazed, everything in a daze
Hills of ice cream, cake and all
So many popular, so many grins
Why couldn't I fit in with the "ins"?

I asked myself
Why am I so intrigued?
I asked again
Am I out of my league?

End Chorus

I saw him pass
I hid and glanced

With his laughter
His charm and grace
He was a hit
All over the place

(repeat Chorus)

He saw me there
He came up to me

Cupid's arrow
Flung in a flash when
In the name of fate
He fell in my arms then

(repeat Chorus)

Yes if just for one night
Yes, I made it mine!

The girl crashes a party, falls in love, kind of unrealistic, but it could happen, ne? ^_^;; I wouldn't know, never crashed a party! ^.^;; This is for Lila, because she's always dreamed of doing the exact same thing... Sappy stuff, ne?

~Sandiya~ -Did ya like it? Please give me your opinion! =D