Oh, the sheer nerve-wracking feel of it. I can still remember what I wore that day, how I felt, even the slight head cold which made me sneeze approximately every four seconds. Luckily, I have this tissue obsession, whereby I carry large wads of Kleenex® brand tissues around wherever I go, even when I'm not sick. Something like a security blanket, I suppose. Or just a bad habit.
But that isn't the main point of my story. No, the main point is... what is the main point, again?
Oh, right. A momentous event. Yes, this event was truly momentous, momentous to the point that I nearly passed out, that's how momentous it was.
My brother's thirteenth birthday party, at Laser Park®. The most meaningful experience of perhaps my entire life.
First, there was the video arcade. I skied down Alpine slopes, battled Large Undead Bad Guys, and wasted a heck of a lot of tickets. It was a very moving experience.
Then, almost before the last Large Undead Bad Guy was shot and the last Alpine slope was skied, came The Battle.
We were issued regulation guns and vests, and programmed for a single purpose: to "kill" the other team by making their vests beep. And also deactivate their "base," which greatly resembled a large, futuristic disco ball.
I was ready. Oh, was I ready! Suited up, looking vaguely like Dorko the Space Robot from the Future, I headed out, directed by my father, who was also suited up and looked vaguely like a larger version of Dorko the Space Robot from the future.It was a fierce battle, comparable to the battle of Waterloo, Sommes, or some other really momentous battle. We got killed at least six times each, and I well remember the breathless final minutes, in which I got really close to the enemy base before a very small, giggling version of Dorko the Space Robot from the Future shot me in the vest and killed me, making me run swiftly back to my own large futuristic disco ball base to recharge.
It was my brother.
The aftermath of the battle was not pretty. It was really hot in the Space Robot clothing, so we were all extremely sweaty, not to mention very dead. But it was still a very moving and momentous experience.
Especially since I beat my brother, five deaths to eight.