Authors Note: If you've made it this far, I owe you an explanation. If you want to just think of this how you were, skip this. I don't want to ruin it for you.

But if I lost you, as I tend to do to most people, here's what all that was about.

Birth (poem one)-Started off as me writing about two people I know. Then the ending made me think about what Stars were. Poetically. ;) The thing is, here the stars were someone's tears. It was supposed to say, even though she's gone she did care. Still does.

Shatter (poem two)-About the making of the stars. Something had to break for them to be here, and that is the floor of heaven. When the angels came to fix it, they felt the misery and grief of all the people, and couldn't bring themselves to. They asked the gods, who, trying to block the suffering of the people, which they could now see, agreed.

Taste (poem three)-They let us have the stars. These gods that don't care about us gave us something. But the gift, which can seem so wonderful at times is almost as bad as no gift. The stars can seem to far away. Too vacant. And all they are is epitomes of ourselves.

Silence (poem four)-There's this girl. Suicidal. By a lake/pond. It's night, and the water is reflecting the sky. It's black and starry. Like the sky. She prays to the stars to save her, and then kills herself. She glances up at the heavens underwater, and nothings changed. Cept a star is falling down to save her. It arrives too late.

Fades (poem five)-The star that came down in Silence is trapped on earth. It notices how the heavens seem vacant and empty, it feels the loneliness and despair of being human ect. But it can't get back up. It fades and dies on earth.

Well, thanks for reading. Mind dropping a review and telling me your interpretations and how each poem made you feel? Tha'd mean the world to me. Again, even if you don't review, thanks for your time.