Chapter Twenty-Two

Radu Bridge felt it suddenly. A surge of energy that burst through his veins, acting as small signs and messages. He didn't know why, but he could feel that it was true. His Father, the great Rasmus Bridge, was dead. How did it happen? He wondered, not fighting to see if it were the truth because he knew that it was. At the hands of Fiona Venus? Or her Daughter Nova? It didn't matter; Radu clenched his fists hard, so hard that his knuckles bled. I swear it Father, he said in his mind, I swear I will revenge your death. I will take your wrath on the Venus family will the true pride of the Bridge family. I will destroy them, my Father, you will see.

Nova Venus took deep breaths as she sat atop the pile of dirt where her Mother had been burned, and then buried. She dug her hands deep in the soil, trying to feel something of her Mother's essence around her again. Around the little girls neck hung her Mother's round metallic necklace proudly.

Nova opened her eyes, feeling the presence of something all around her. Without moving her head she searched the areas around her with her minds eye. Envisioning everything around her, the hut, the grasslands, and the herds of cow and sheep moving and grazing happily. "Nova, are you all right?" A woman asked from behind Nova. Nova recognized the comforting voice, even though she hadn't heard it in days. It was the auburn haired Cassie.

Nova didn't move but watched as Cassie sat down beside her, she was soon accompanied by her brother Apollo who sat on the other side of Nova. "What are you doing here?"

"We came to see how you are doing" Apollo spoke, putting his arm around Nova's back and shoulders.

Cassie smiled, "Fiona's very happy" Cassie turned away when her words didn't help Nova the way that she thought that they would.

"What happens now?" Nova asked bluntly, not moving, and not removing her hands from the dirt where she put them.

Cassie and Apollo both leaned in close to her, "this is just the beginning" Apollo said first, quickly followed by his sister's soft voice.

"The end is no where in sight." Without moving her head Nova watched as both Cassie and Apollo disappeared from the sides of her. She knew that they were trying to tell her something, but she wasn't going to think about it now, all she wanted to do now was grieve for her Mother, and learn to live again, in this strange place that was now her home.

"Nova, come on" Nasha yelled from the end of the herd of cows.

Nova took her hands out of the dirt, and scriped the stains off of her hands by wiping them against her clothes. Nova stood, her eyes still looking at the pile of dirt where her Mother was. "Don't worry" she breathed, hoping that her Mother would hear her. "I'll be ok here." Nova turned and with a smile on her face went forward, to play with her new friend.


Dedicated To:

The Memory Of

Jessica Jordan Blue



who chases the butterflies freely

in heaven, without the limitations

of his body stopping him.

Gudrun Wilson


Who was every bit a Grandmother to me as she

was a friend. She survived five long years

in Nazi occupied Denmark, but couldn't

survive the wheel of time.


Who inspired me in immeasurable ways,

in only a few minutes time.

May you find peace,

on every road you travel.


Melinda Wilson

Who without I would lose myself.

Who encouraged me to keep going,

even when I thought I would die if I wrote another word.

Thank You.