Coming Dawn

By Shimoyo Lómiel (1Cor c13 v1-8)


Frozen by night, I shiver in cold

Fear drives me from light, screaming

Hunted, I resist, my world hiding from reality

The mist that blinds me is slowly dying

Where is the truth? Where is my heart?

Do these lost things have meaning?

Help me regain the Rock in my dark

I hope the dawn is coming

Untrusting of the warmth night flees from

To find the day I must deny night's calling

My wings are shattered; I long to soar

How can I know I am not falling?

Where is the truth? Where is my heart?

Does it still yearn for morning?

Help me reclaim my love of life

I pray the dawn is coming

No longer chained to murky depth

Ice falls from me, swiftly thawing

The tears I cried in lonely regret

Now fade into joyful flying

Where is the truth? Where is my heart?

What now is left for mourning?

Burdens unshed melt from my soul

I believe the dawn is coming

Here is my truth, here is my heart

I found them in God's bleeding

I have regained my lost desire

I know the dawn is coming