Chapter Two

The girl pulled her arm away and watched for my reaction. I didn't want her to pull away, I wanted more. Suddenly, the reality of what had just happened sunk in. I was horrified at myself. "Wh-what just happened? What's going on?" I spluttered. She smiled and grabbed hold of my hand, pulling me up 'til I was standing eye-to-eye level with her. I was mesmerized. I hadn't noticed how beautiful she was until now. "I'll explain later." Her voice was gorgeous, like everything else about her. Her head jerked towards the door. "I can hear somebody coming," she smiled, her dark eyes filled with hunger. The door swung open. It was Liz, one of the girls I'd seen Halloween with. "What the hell are you doing?? We've been waiting in McDonalds for about an hour!" Liz looked at the girl I was with and turned a deep shade of crimson. I looked at the girl, and realised she had put her arms round my waist. She whispered in my ear: "Why don't you have her? Your first." I swung round to face her in horror. "Kill one of my closest friends?? Are you crazy?" I said a little too loud, and saw Liz stare at me in alarm. "What are you talking about?" Liz questioned, backing towards the door. I don't know what happened then, but I found myself overwhelmed with the hunger to kill her. I walked slowly over to Liz as if I was trying to get away from the other girl. However, I saw myself grabbing Liz's arm. "Wait." "What the hell for?" "I'm hungry." With this, I bit into a vein in her arm, and drank deeply. Liz screamed out in pain, but this only made it more fun. I got a rush of adrenaline, then moving on to her neck. After several minutes, I felt her go limp in my arms. I let her slide down the wall to the floor, and her face a picture of shock as her eyes closed. She was dead.