Off-White Wall
By Jordi Sharpe

This wall could have so much more to is.

Imagine if you will:

A painting. Only the greatest of works

(visits from Klimt, Van Gogh and


Or what of this?:

Lines and a circle.

Have you seen a pentagram?

Or rather, something more:

Pictures of the deceased.

The ghosts of Hendrix, Cobain, Morrison,

the specters of Lennon, Skynyrd, Rhoads.

Or for the killer in you:

splatter some red paint

(flashes of Jack)

or a beautiful rainbow

(Manson knew best)

Perhaps a shade of Judas Iscariot?

Who doesn't enjoy the morbidly sacrilegious?

Or the wall could be a museum

of your glory, for others to see.

Or to see you as an egotistical prat.

It is your call (et wall).