A river of emotions
That I cannot comprehend
A slow, deliberate bleeding
Of a soul that cannot mend
A sudden rush of passion
That awakens all my fears
A shocking realization
That I don't have any tears

What difference does indifference make?

An ancient sea of torment
That I tried to leave behind
The violent waves and torrents
My chaotic state of mind
An unknown path ahead of me
And holes throughout the trail
A tapestry that's woven
With such exact detail

Each decision that we make
Affects this web of life
What difference does indifference make
When all that's left is strife?

One thread upon another
As our strings are laid in place
We assume we make a difference
And that we control our fate
Who knows what we accomplish
By our actions everyday
We can't control the future
So we focus on today

Each decision that we make
Affects our lives each day
What difference does indifference make
In our lives anyway?

I've seen people who do not care
About the lives they lead
I've seen a man walk facing down
Not caring to succeed
I've seen a lot of misery
Although my years are few
People do not comprehend
What their decisions do

Each decision that we make
Controls the threads of fate
The difference that indifference makes
When our choices come too late