This is going to be something totally new and experimental for me. I recently found a fantastic site called It is chock full of wonderful ways to express yourself, posting your work for others to read, review, and rate. plugYou can post up to fifteen items in a personal portfolio free of charge. A reasonable payment gives you unlimited items. You can (using the forms they supply) create stories, poems, interactive stories, interactive lists, journals, 'campfire' stories, book reviews, etc. I LOVE THIS PLACE! And yes, they DO list fanfiction as a genre. I highly advise going there. If you're interested in checking out my stuff, I go by Scribe Mozell over there. Most of my stuff will still end up here, but there may be an odd or end there that you haven't seen. :)

Anyway, this is my first 'writing assignment'. It's an exercise offered theree. They set up a premise, you start a journal, and then work with the elements they give you.

I chose Scenario One to start with. The simple premise is that there has been a thermonuclear war, and you somehow find yourself with twelve other people in a bomb shelter that can only comfortably (safely?) house TWELVE. It goes on from there. The moderator will introduce things down the line, like two survivors become antagonistic, someone is stealing food, and I THINK there's going to be a murder somewhere along the line.

Anyway, this is my effort.

I call it Scenario (very original, eh? But it's after three a.m.). My writer is a thirty-something young woman employed by the company that built the bomb shelter. It was built for a Hollywood movie mogul, a very demanding and difficult man. The person responsible for keeping construction running smoothly and dealing with the customer quits, and the writer gets stuck with the job.

When it's finished, she is invited to the 'shelter warming' party. She's reluctant to go (he's been an ass), but is not so subtley urged to attend for 'customer relations' (read 'shilling for more business form the richies who'll attend). While she's there, someone, somewhere in the world drops a bomb...

Many of these entries will be very short. Remember, this is supposed to be a journal.

I have no IDEA where it's going, won't know what's going to be in each section till I'm ready to write it. I'm flying by the seat of my pants here, people. Hope you enjoy it--I think I will.


1. Zima Feely--Journalist (keeper of journal). Name means 'trustworty', and yes, she's caught HELL for that name all her life. Standing grudge against her parents for the name (they were hippies). Thirty-five, single, virgin with attitude. Co-ordinator in Texas branch of Seguro Shelters. Suckered into taking charge of Callahan project.

2. Arthur Callahan--movie mogul. Mid-to late fifties, fairly presentable, salt-and-pepper beard and hair. One of top ten grossing movie producer/directors of all time. Has been told he is God so often that he's beginning to believe it. Charming with those he considers equals, condescending or shitty to those he considers inferior (which is most of the world).

3. Margo Callahan--Arthur's wife Mid-fifties, looks mid-forties. Very well put together, frosted ash blonde hair. Drinks too much. Not an unpleasant person, but very vague, and afraid Arthur is hunting for a 'trophy wife'.

4. H. Colin Baxter--superstar, nice guy. H. stands for Honeywell (family name, but he tries to keep it quiet). English actor, leading box office star for past decade. English. Twice divorced, both times when wives cheated on him. Decent and down to earth. Gorgeous. Think the guy who plays Clark on Smallville about fifteen years down the road.

5. Nala Wyndham--Colin's girlfriend. Teeny, tiny, blonde actress, minor success so far. Viciously ambitious. Cokehead. About six weeks pregnant with Colin's child, still trying to decide if she's going to keep it or not.

6. Joe Holiday--hot young star, very full of self. Think of him as kind of an amalgam of Leo DiCapprio and most boy band members. He's the one all the teenyboppers are drooling over right now, but their moms and grandmoms like him, too. He's hot, and knows it. Obnoxious.

7. Nikki Aliway--'Nikki All-the-Way', pop star, Joe's date. Yes, I know I'm evil, but think Brittany Spears in image. Turns out to be tough and decent.

8. Michael Underhill--agent for Baxter, courting Holiday, courted by Nala. He's there to schmooze.

9. Senator Daniel Matherson--Texas senator. Mid-fifties, very bluff and handsome. Very much a politician. The most aware of what's going on.

10. Ben Travers--Callahan's chief of security. Big, scary. Think Dolph Lundgren. There's just something a little suspect about him.

11. Monica Mason--talk show hostess. Number two to Oprah, and resenting it. Hoping to get either Callahan or Senator on her show.

12. Gordon 'Gonzo' Kramer--paparazzi from tabloid, snuck in for photos, pretending to be bartender. Gonzo is notorious. Late twenties, normally a little scruffy, but tricked out in bartender outfit as disguise.

13. Hector Castille--waiter. Early twenties. Just a catering service employee, doing his job, hoping for tips.