Hey guys!! Normally I wouldn't be writing my stories down. I usually just have them to entertain myself in my head lol. but this one was really good!! Or at least I think so!! So check out my story I wrote in the shower LOL!!!!!!

Attention all eligible young ladies from the ages of 18-26, from the order of Her Royal Highness Elicia Julietta Montave, your presence is requested on the twentieth of April for the choosing of the bride of her only son, Prince Andre Robert. Any maid may come who feels herself worthy of such a husband as the future king.

"I can't believe that! 'Any maid worthy of such a husband' I'm sure half the girls in the palace servants' quarters are 'worthier' than him! And at least they've done an honest days work!" the young girl stared and the sign and snorted.

"Really Emily, you must be careful about what you say in public, not only is it unladylike, but it's also not safe!" scolded Emily's sister. "If I were you I would be running to the dressmakers shop to find something suitable to wear to the engagement."

"Yes, but you're not me Vicky, you have a husband, all the good looks, and the head of a well to do lady. I can't even imagine going to that horrid thing!"

"Actually Emily, I don't think you will have a choice. Once father hears of this I can only imagine that you will be on the next carriage to the palace." chided her sister. "Besides, you would make a wonderful queen."

And with that Victoria strode off to their home.