I lay in anguish at such pain.....
Those that harm aren't yet contained.

They continue to rape the land on which we live

I cannot forgive.

Trees are uprooted.

Animals are shot.

Their blood starts to clot.

The land is bare,

But how can they not care?

Death surrounds those infernal machines

Whose job it is to tear up trees.

Once the land is all used up, Once their crops begin to rot.

I hope that they will listen and see what they have done.

But my hopes are naught.

For they are a restless lot.

Impatient, in so demanding:

"When will we be commanding?"

Their little ones cry.

Unaware of the destruction that they cause

But soon even they must pause.

There isn't enough left for their job.

Whither shall they go when all is gone?

Will I stop them before they are done? Nay I say to that.

My duties will not have finished.

Not while my heart still beats to life.

Not while my brain still thinks up strategies for future victories.

Will their demise have been brought about?

Their ruin is imminent, I have foreseen it.

But it cannot come to pass unless all who think as I unite,

We shall never forfeit our right for salvation.

Till the end of our days will it go on.

To their sweet yet bitter end we rejoice as the sun settles into twilight.