What a stupid lot...............................

But how can they not?

Their minds are so simple,

They laugh at the sight of a dimple.

Throughout my life it has been the same

Everywhere I go the fools think they are sane.

I am not prone to blame,

I am not accusing.

My rests on the side of the bench,

Cool does it feel against my warmed skin.

A breeze passes,

I feel no better.

I am still bruising,

Wish that I had a wrench.

Now my watch lies beneath my chin.

Again the breeze passes.

Finish I must this letter.

I still feel no better.

Still the idiots bluster

Expelling all the air they can muster.

Their numbers have grown,

What has been sown?

To make them grow larger?

I pray the world is different,

I pray for change

It cannot be all like this............

Time is up

I must go now.