You know the lies they always told you

And the love you never knew

What's the things they never showed you

That swallowed the light from the sun

Inside your room

-Goo Goo Dolls


I'm Unity. I know; the name sounds strange, it is. And so is my story. I'm not quite a normal teenager. All this I can explain in the beginning of my story. It starts when I was. born pretty much.

If you know anything about wolves then you'll know what the omega wolf is. If you don't I'll explain. In nearly every wolf pack there is an omega. The omega is a wolf, which is the scapegoat. The one everyone takes their aggressions on. In werewolf packs this occurs less but it still happens.

I am a werewolf. This sounds very strange I know, but the truth often is. This is the story of a pack's lowest member's journey from the bottom until she becomes the alpha. In werewolf packs the rules are different. There are two omegas. And if those omegas become mated and have a cub then the cub becomes lower than an omega. I should know. I was that cub.