Never Far Away

Chapter One


This is my first Hades and Persephone story but not my first story. Anyways, this takes place a couple years after Hades abducted Persephone, I'm not sure if I'm going to mention that in the story but anyways, tell me what you think.


 Persephone sat next to her mother, Demeter, Goddess of the Grain, and her husband, Hades, the God of the Underworld. Zeus was throwing a feast in her honor and would declare her place among the gods and goddesses. The tension in the air was high and Persephone could feel it. To say her mother loathed Hades was to put it lightly. Hades, on the other hand, didn't care what anyone thought of him, much less her mother.

 If her mother's hate were nonexistent, Persephone would be enjoying herself. Hades wasn't a terrible husband. Truth be told, he was usually the only one who would actually listen, really listen to her. He wouldn't tune her out if she spoke of something that held no interest to him, but he would ask questions and try to get into the topic.

 Demeter, on the other hand, listened or tried to. She would make a comment or two, but if Persephone asked a question, she would have to repeat it for Demeter didn't hear it the first time.

 She sighed and leaned back into her chair. She needed to get away from her mother if she was going to enjoy herself and fast. But Zeus had risen to make announcement. There was no hope of getting away for now.

 "My dearest friends," Zeus began. Persephone glanced at Hades to see him roll his eyes and slapped him lightly on the arm. He looked at her and smirked at her. She then rolled her eyes as Zeus continued.

 "It gives me great pleasure to pronounce the place of our beloved Persephone," Zeus said and Persephone thought she heard a small sarcasm but shook it off. Zeus went on.

 "I hope she will understand the importance and responsibility that goes with it. I, Zeus, ruler of the gods, pronounce Persephone as the Goddess of Innocence," he said and the gods and goddesses began to clap.

 Persephone gasped and grew angry. She rather be anything but Goddess of Innocence.  She glanced at her mother and saw a triumphant look on her face. She probably talked Zeus into this. She then glanced at Hades to find him watching her. His eyes began to bore into hers. For a moment all she thought of was how blue his eyes were. They were like sapphires, which wasn't all that surprising sense he was also the god of gems. She then remembered what was happening and quickly broke eye contact with him.

 She then stood and said, "My Lord Zeus, I refuse to be the Goddess of Innocence. I'll be anything but that."

 Demeter looked on, horrified. Hades kept his indifferent look. Zeus looked shocked mixed with anger, though Persephone didn't see it. The other gods and goddesses looked on, shock written on their faces.

 "May I ask why?" Zeus said and crossed his arms. Persephone had been somewhat ready for this question and thought up something.

 "How can I be the Goddess of Innocence when I lost mine when Lord Hades kidnapped me? I no longer have the child-like innocence that should be required for this honor. I cannot be something that I'm not," she said, her voice slightly trembling.

 Zeus looked her over slowly. The girl had matured since she came back from the Underworld. She was growing to be her own person also, if the look on Demeter's face said anything. Anyways, this had been Demeter's idea. He would relent in changing the title she would be given but the girl just made him look like a fool. He was going to make sure she paid.

 "True, young Persephone. I shall relent in this one case but this place I choose for you will be the one you keep no matter what. Am I clear?" he asked.

 Persephone hesitated. She did say she would be anything but Goddess of Innocence. She nodded and said, "I understand."

 "I then declare you Goddess of the Forge," Zeus said. Persephone eyes widen as both Hades and Demeter jumped from their seats. The other gods and goddesses gasped, all except Hera. She was grinning. 

 "Are you out of your mind, Zeus? The child knows nothing about that," Hades asked, his eyes blazing.  Demeter wrapped her arms around Persephone and said, "She isn't strong enough for such work, milord."

 "They both are right, milord," a quiet voice said. It was Hephaestas, God of the forge, husband of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty, and the most hideous god on Olympus.

 "The girl had a choice and made her decision. My word stands," Zeus said.  Hera laughed and said, "He speaks the truth. The girl should have remained the Goddess of Innocence."

 "You can't be serious, Father," Athena, Goddess of War and Wisdom, said.

 "I most certainly can," Zeus said. He glared at her as though daring her to say something.

 "This is crazy, Brother," Poseidon, God of the Sea, said.

 "Is it?" Zeus asked and smiled.

 "You know it is Zeus. She could have been Goddess of Sleep, of Healing, of anything yet you made her Goddess of the Forge. You've gone mad!" Hades yelled. Persephone whimpered slightly. She thought of the hot, sweltering long days of making weapons and machines. The boiling liquids, the smoke, the heat, it was just too much.      

 Hades turned to glace at her and then turned back to Zeus.

 "Lately, you've been doing unjust things from what I hear," he said. Athena's eyes narrowed at him and stepped up next to him.

 "He's right, you both have been unjust as of late," she said, glancing at Hera. The gods and goddesses began whispering to one another. Someone then cried out, "Perhaps they shouldn't rule!"

 This caused more whispering and Hades said, "You two shouldn't rule. You no longer deserve it."

 The gods and goddesses shouted out agreements and another god shouted out, "Get them!"

 Next few moments were madness. The gods swarmed Zeus and Hera grabbing them and using every power they had to keep them from fighting back. The goddesses used all their powers as well.

 Demeter, Persephone, and Hades remained still. They watched as Zeus and Hera were dragged off to be thrown in an unused room. Soon, they were the only ones in the dining room.

 Persephone swayed and fainted in her mother's arms as Demeter cried out, "Persephone!"

 "She's fine, Demeter. The shock just got to her," Hades said. Demeter glared at him and said, "Leave us alone."

 "Did you forget that I am her husband? I have a right to be here," Hades said. Demeter's glare intensified but she didn't say anything. She held Persephone lovingly and sunk to the floor.  Hades heart went out to her, as it always did. He didn't say anything and just watched as his world began to turn up side down.


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