Never Far Away

Chapter 5


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 Aphrodite walked slowly to the throne room. She still held her wine and was sipping on it.  As she walked, she mused on the day's events. It was strange and very odd. They had just dethroned their rulers and all because of little Persephone. Aphrodite's face twisted into a scowl at the thought of Persephone. The precious little girl that everyone loved. The sweet, innocent girl who could do no wrong and who had stolen the heart of Hades, the cold-hearted god who cared for no one. Not even Aphrodite had succeeded that.

 Not that she want the God of Death's love, but it annoyed her that he didn't even lust after her, something she was use to with the other gods. Yet, he would kidnap innocent little Persephone to make her his wife. No one would even dare try to kidnap Aphrodite. They were too afraid of Zeus and the other gods and goddesses to do so. In short, Aphrodite was jealous of the attention lavished on Persephone, though she would admit to no one.

 She growled softly at the thought of Persephone as she reached the throne room. She entered unnoticed by Dionysus and watched him for a few moments. He was running a hand over the old throne of Zeus. His brown eyes dancing greedily as he stared at the throne.

 Aphrodite pondered this as she cleared her throat and took a sip of her drink. The noise caught Dionysus attention and he turned to her. He gazed her over quickly and smiled.

 "Lady Aphrodite, how good of you to come," he said.

 "Thank you, Lord Dionysus. Though I hated the disturbance," her voice iced over at the last part and she glared slightly.

 "I apologize, Lady Aphrodite. I did not mean to annoy you," he said and looked slightly worried. Aphrodite smirked, enjoying the fact that it made him nervous that he had annoyed her.

 "What did you want then?" she asked and sipped some of her wine.

 "I have a proposition for you," he said. Aphrodite raised an eyebrow and said, "I'm listening."


 Demeter and Athena were still in the gardens. Demeter hadn't ceased to pace and Athena watched her worriedly. 

 "Demeter, please sit down," Athena said as she watched. Demeter glanced at her but refused to listen.

 "I can't sit down. Tomorrow she has to go to the Underworld," Demeter said. Athena's eyes widened slightly. She had forgot about Persephone in the confusion of the dethronement.  

 "Then why don't you go spend time with her?" she asked.

 "Because Hades is with her right now," Demeter hissed. Athena sighed and said, "So Hades has control on when you see your own daughter."

 Demeter turned to her and glared.

 "Don't you ever say that again," she said. Athena looked at her in shock and stood.

 "Lady Demeter, if you will excuse me, there are some things I need to discuss with Lord Hades," she said and left. Demeter glared at her retreating form.


 Persephone looked between Hermes and Hades. She was comparing them because she was bored. She knew she shouldn't be but when no one talked to her or talked about what was happening at the moment, she became bored. This exact thing happened when she was first in the Underworld.

 She sighed and looked Hades over. He had his head tilted back and his eyes closed, therefore made it safe for her to stare at him. When his eyes where opened, it was harder and embarrassing for her to look at him. His hair was messy, which was strange for the other gods tried to keep their hair in perfect order. He was tall and somewhat muscular.

 She sighed softly and glanced at Hermes. His face was pulled into a look of concentration and looked as through he was still trying to find the answer to Hades question. She turned back to the window.

 Who would the mortals choose? She wondered. Would it be Poseidon or perhaps Athena? It might even be the moon goddess or the sun god. She knew it wouldn't be Hades or she. The mortals knew nothing of her except for when she had been kidnapped and Hades was the god of death, that itself was enough to not choose him. But who would the mortals choose that would make Hades so upset?

 She sighed again and decided to think of something else.


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