Battle of Hope and Faith versus Fear

Once there was a woman

Who was to lose her house

But she was strong,

Or was she?

For the real test came

In fear's seed

Here to take advantage of the gaping hole

For Fear enjoys taking over a mind

Because he never knows what he will find

What weaknesses or pressure points that he can play upon

So he comes to challenge her,

Who will win?


Fear had thrown his seed in

And yet it did not grow

His tree occupied but a small niche in her soul

And was weak and withered

For Faith had thrown her seed in

And found a friendly place to flourish

Her tree had sprouted tall and regal

A backbone of the soul

Another avatar of good had also taken care

Hope had taken her candle and in the soul was lit

Scoured out Fear's withered root

In its place a young shoot

Which would grow and become a heart of the soul


Once there was a woman

Who was to lose her house

Fear was in her heart, but he was scoured out

So through it she came

She had cast out fear, much to its shame

And in its place came Faith and Hope

These had helped her cope

Now she could face the danger.