All Author's notes will be after each chapter like this. This way it doesn't interfere with the story. Here, I'll basically respond to your reviews (if I get any), and fix up any thing your concerned about.


April 23, 2003 (prologue)

Well, obviously this is where I tell you why I did this story, so here it goes. I've had this story in my head ever since I heard the song by David Bushard, Black heart. I pondered whether to put this on, or for some time. But, as it is my storyline, and my characters, I believe it belongs at Chapter's will be up a little slow as I'm doing another story at on Zelda: Majora's mask. So I'm not basing the story off the song, it just gave an Idea.


May 6, 2003 (chapter 1: It begins again)

Well, I've updated. I had writer's block through half this chapter, but it's up. I hope you like it, I hope it's detailed enough, And I hope it's caught your attention. Please tell me if there are any mistakes so I can fix them.

P.S. I didn't post it, but Snowfall's silent (a reviewer), thankyou for pointing out that mistake for me, it has been fixed.

May 12, 2003

I read the story and found several errors. They have all been fixed plus the chapter has been revamped. So enjoy.

May 15, 2003

Big thankyou to Mistro for pointing out that there were a lot of errors. Most have been corrected, while the rest remain hidden. Thankyou.


June 4, 2003 (chapter 2: Training)

Well, it's been a month since the last update. Sorry, but School isn't pretty at this time a year. The chapter will be continued, but not until I update my other story. So, It might take another month or so.

Oh yes. Note to Lady Galadriel: Yes Master Sytal is a girl and gets the chance to kick Fale's butt. I didn't know whether you were giving me credit for anti-descrimination, or something, so there you go.

June 6, 2003

In response to good_luck_guessing: No, the dream doesn't have anything to do with Master Sytal's test, it relays to how he feels treated each day. Sorry if anyone else misiterpretted that.

Sept. 16, 2003

Well, I've finally updated. True I've only finished the chapter, but that's because I just wanted to say I'M WRITING AGAIN!!! The reason couldn't write over the summer is because my computer bummed out a week before vacation. Then, when I finally did get a new computer, It didn't have microsoft word. So, I'm now back in school and can write during my lunch hour again. Review what you think because


the next chapter will have nothing to do with the test.


Sept. 24, 2003 (chapter 3: The shadow grows darker)

well, this is basically the chapter where a few of the many holes get filled in. obviously it's not finished yet (note the to be continued at the end) but I'll come to that as soon a I work a litlle bit on my other story at! please review what you think, as Im always open to suggestions, and if something's not clear than tell me and I'll change it. Adios for now.

Jan. 12, 2004

"Heh heh... woman+sword=absolute coolness!" I love this kid!!!