Date Rave

Eyes of Love and Eyes of Fire.

Hearts of Lust and Desire.

Dancing, jumping, laughing, raving.

Driven by a sexual craving.

Here they come now with and flowers.

With their songs and their dark powers.

Bodies naked, hot and writhing.

Absinthe wine prescribing.

Out of their minds in madness screaming.

In the fire of ecstasy.

In a dream of sexual love.

In Hell below and Heaven above.

Boy meets girl, the sacred story.

Told again for all its glory.

She's so wild, he can tame her.

Sex and drugs, who can blame her?

He's the fingers, she's the matches.

She's the fire; he'll be the ashes.

He is hers for the taking.

Love is hers for the faking.

Forget the future, come and kiss,

The poison lips of bliss.