Chapter 5

Started:  November 28, 2003            Finished: December 27, 2003

Warning:  The rating for this story is now fully rated R.  There are some sexual things from this chapter and on, so please, if you are offended, DO NOT go any further than this chapter.  Thank you.  

Italics= flashback

Troy trudged up the dark stairs of his home, dragging one foot behind the other slowly.  He had left his backpack in the living room, thrown carelessly on the sofa.  He thanked for the silence inside the house, not wanting to face any living thing at this moment.  His mother had left a note on the table, the message on the piece of paper clearly visible by the large, but graceful handwriting:  'I'll be back home late.  I'm taking Cody and Terry to the vet and then I'll be going over to a friend's.  I left money on the table if you want to go out and eat dinner.  Love, Mom.' 

The silence was betrayed only by his footsteps on the stairs.

The emptiness of the house only added more to his loneliness at the moment, but Troy did not mind.  When he reached his room, he opened the door wide enough so that only he could get inside, and closed it.  He sighed and smiled a bit despite the sadness in his eyes as he stared at the disarray of the room, the posters of different artists his mother begged him to get rid of, books strewn on the floor everywhere, papers, pencils, candy wrappers, and things that he couldn't even remember that he had left them on the floor.  He felt at home.

His comfort and moment of brief happiness soon ended when he reached his bed, finding a small picture of Allan and him, the day that he got his new puppies, Cody and Terry.  He hadn't realized the different kind of infatuation he had for his best friend at the time of the picture.  Troy remembered that day clearly, when he called Allan to come over, just like he had done any other day.  He remembered the smile that had brightened up Allan's face as he entered the living room to find the two new occupants of the house.  The photo held the moment when Allan was holding Terry in his arms, the light brown puppy sleeping comfortably in his arms.  At that moment, Troy would have never believed in the fact that one day, he would do anything to be in the place of the puppy. 

Right now, all he wanted was for everything to go back to being normal. 

Everything today would have been normal, had it not been for the kiss. 

Everything had been perfect at the moment of the kiss…at least that was what Troy had thought.  Troy pulled away blushing after the chaste kiss, refusing to look Allan in the eyes after he realized that he hadn't given Allan any choice in the kiss.  There was a long moment of silence before Allan broke it up.  "Troy…"

Troy interrupted Allan quickly, in fear of hearing the dreaded words.  "Allan…I'm gonna tell you again…I love you.  I think I always have, I just didn't know it until this summer.  I know this is all so sudden and that you probably don't return the same feelings for me right now, but I just want you to know, that I can't… I won't hide this from you anymore."

Allan took a deep breath and wrapped his arms around Troy, holding the other tightly as he said the next words that would change their friendship forever.  "I'm sorry Troy…please understand that this is the hardest thing I ever had to say to anyone…you're my best friend, Troy and nothing will ever change that.  You're like a brother to me…that's why I can't return the feelings you have for me.  I just can't see you as more than my friend.  I don't want to force you to give up your feelings, but I don't want to give you false hopes.  I love you Troy…but not as more than a friend." 

Allan never saw the single teardrop Troy let fall down from his eyes.  Troy stepped back from the hold, and gave a reassured smile, but averted his eyes from Allan's gaze.  Allan walked Troy home in silence, walking side by side as usual, but a new air surrounding them. 

When they reached the front of Troy's house, Troy paused for a moment.  "Allan…this is gonna change everything…isn't it?"  

Allan was startled at the sudden, but inevitable question.  This time, it was his turn to avert his gaze.  "I-I guess so…I'm sorry." 

That was the last exchange of words they had before Troy stepped into the house. 

Drops of tears spilled onto the picture and Troy quickly scolded himself for crying.  He never had to cry every since his father left when his parents got divorced, because there were always people who were willing to spoil him with anything he wanted, and there was Allan, who understood him better than his own mother and was always there when needed.  Now everything was gone from him, and Troy couldn't bear the sudden loneliness that built up inside of him.

Troy's eyes fought to stay awake in the complete darkness surrounding him, but his puffy eyes and exhausted body refused to stay awake any longer.  Troy laid down on the bed and closed his eyes, and sleep soon overcame him.  Between his fingers, he still held the picture of the precious moment he had shared with Allan before this day.  


Allan waited at Troy's locker before lunch, hoping to persuade the other boy to talk to him.  Troy had avoided him for the last few days, making an excuse to leave whenever Allan wanted to talk to him.  He knew he had hurt Troy's feelings the day when Troy confessed his feelings, but he was frustrated at the brunette for holding it against him. 

When Troy did arrive, he still refused to meet his eyes. 

"Hey Troy…"Allan greeted the other.

"Hi," Troy replied softly.  The brunette's face was still bruised in some places as a result from his fight with Danny, and that added to the downcast spirit of Troy that was very unlike him. 

"Troy…I know you're upset at me about what I said to you, and I'm really sorry about that…"

"You don't need to apologize again, Allan.  I should be the one apologizing about what happened.  Like you said that day, things are going to change…You're still my best friend Allan…even if things can't be like the way they were before.  I'm afraid that it's just going to take some time…" With that, Troy embraced Allan tightly, muttered, "I'm sorry," and left. 

Allan turned around to head in the opposite direction when he bumped into Andy. 

"Did Troy tell you already?" Andy asked.  Allan nodded.  "That must be why Troy's been so upset these days."

"I know…it's all my fault," Allan said. 

"Nothing's your fault, Allan, it's nobody's fault.  Troy can't help it if he likes you that way, and you can't help it if you don't return the same feeling for him.  I know it's gonna be hard…on both of you, but you'll get through it together.  You know Troy can't hold a grudge," Andy said, tucking a strand of blond hair behind the other's ear. 

Allan sighed.  "I just don't know what to think anymore.  Everything's happening so fast…" he said, lips quivering as he thought of the events of this summer leading up to this moment. 

Andy froze before he could say what he was going to say next, when he felt two strong arms snake around his waist.  The body behind him closed in until Andy could feel the other's chest pressing on his back.  "What are ya doin', Andy?" Johnny asked like a curious child, resting his chin on Andy's shoulder while looking at Allan. 

Andy tried slapping the hands away and tried to get out of the hold, but Johnny's strong arms wouldn't budge.  Only when he said, "Johnny, get off," did Johnny remove his arms, whining in disapproval. 

"As I was trying to say before I was rudely interrupted," Andy said as he slapped away Johnny's arm again, "hopefully, things will get better soon.  Don't worry too much; I'll talk to Troy.  I have to go and meet Jin, bye."  Then Andy left to go to the cafeteria to join the others, leaving Johnny and Allan alone in the hallway. 

Allan fidgeted uncomfortably, feeling Johnny's eyes on him.  Johnny smirked as his perverse eyes moved up and down Allan's lean body, taking in all from the long legs to the blond hair that came down to the boy's waist.  Johnny had always been the most perverted one of the party, sleeping with any man or woman had he been given the chance.  Allan wondered how someone couldn't stay committed to just one person, but then again, Johnny wasn't like everyone else.  Lately, Johnny had developed a fetish for Andy, following wherever the latter went. 

"Well, I guess I'll go eat lunch, too," Johnny said finally.  Allan exhaled deeply in relief when Johnny started walking.  His moment of relief was over almost as soon as it started, when he felt Johnny's hand pinch his hips.  Allan yelped loudly in pain and stiffened as Johnny held his waist from behind, fingers daring to wander underneath the shirt.  Johnny whispered into Allan's ear, "You look so damn fine, Allan.  How about we go to my house and play, hmm?  I'll help you relieve some stress." 

"No thanks.  You're not going to get anywhere if you harass people like this, Johnny.  How about you just go get some lunch, 'k?  I have to go somewhere," Allan spoke quickly as he freed himself from Johnny's grasp.  Johnny only shrugged and made his way to the cafeteria. 

After making sure that Johnny did leave this time, Allan went looking for Danny.

At the Cafeteria

Brian groaned once again at the pain in his stomach, resting his head on the table while his hands rubbed his stomach, trying to relieve himself of a stomachache.  The others stayed a good distance away from him ever since he warned them that he felt sick. 

"Bastard, I told you not to drink so much at once and to share, but no…you don't listen to good ol' Johnny," Johnny scolded his sick friend. 

"Shut up, Johnny," Brian said, groaning at the pain in his stomach. 

"You should be home if you're so sick, Brian," Andy advised. 

"Like being at home is gonna be any better.  My mom was givin' me shit about why I was suspended and shit.  The bitch still doesn't get it that I don't want to come to this shitty place."

"Maybe getting some fresh air will help," Jin said quietly.

"Yeah, let's go outside.  I don't want to stay in here…"Johnny was the first one to get up from the table, his body screaming for a puff of his cigarette.

The group agreed to go outside, Johnny having to carry Brian on his back outside when the latter couldn't walk on his own. 

"There, are you better now?" Johnny asked as he set Brian beside a tree, pillowing Brian's head with his jacket.  "You know this is my favorite jacket, so you better not throw up all over it."  Brian gave a small nod and closed his eyes, taking in a breath of fresh air to soothe his body before falling asleep.  

Johnny leaned back against the brick wall of the school building, lighting a cigarette while cool autumn breeze blew around him.  He watched as Andy squatted by his side, sucking at a lollipop like a gleeful child.  Andy coughed when the stench of the smoke reached his nose.  "Do you always have to smoke?"

Johnny chuckled and took another puff of the cigarette.  "Well, you don't provide me with anything better, so you can't say anything.  Besides, aren't you supposed to be with your little boy?"

"He's tired, so I let him take a nap."

"Is the lollipop good?"


Johnny watched Andy from the corner of his eyes, as the other sucked and licked the lollipop, often running his tongue along his lips.  He squatted besides Andy, watching the other's cheek puff up as the lollipop disappeared into his mouth, leaving only the white stick outside.  Johnny poked at the cheek and said, "You know, you could suck better things with your mouth…much better things."

Andy blushed furiously at the sort of "things" Johnny was talking about, and attacked Johnny with a playful punch.  "Pervert," he muttered as Johnny rolled on the ground, laughing at his childish behavior.

Johnny's face, however, took on a more serious expression when he recovered from the laughter.  He suddenly got up from the ground and said, "Either I'm seeing things, or that's not the proper way to treat your lover."  Andy looked over to the direction Johnny was looking at, and saw Danny and Allan.  Allan was cowering before Danny, who had him cornered at a wall.  Danny's big, muscular arms trapped Allan on one side, while the other arm held his wrist tightly.  Andy and Johnny could not hear the words exchanged between them, but they knew it wasn't anything good. 

Johnny walked quickly to the scene and Andy followed, just to make sure that Johnny didn't get into too much trouble.  When they arrived at the scene, Johnny quickly grabbed Danny's collar, punching him hard across the face before he had a chance to react.  Andy and Allan stared wide-eyed at Danny, already with a bruise forming on his face, struggling to get up and run.  Johnny grabbed at Danny's shirt again and nearly threw him backwards, anger clearly shown on his face.  He pulled Danny up by grabbing onto his hair, making Danny whimper and follow the motion without any choice. 

Johnny added with a menacing tone, "Listen, boy, and you better listen well.  I didn't like what I saw with you and my friend over there.  I don't like what you do, I don't like how you look, I don't like how you think you're better than everyone just because you're some damn football player with a damn broken nose, in fact, I just don't like you.  You don't ever treat anyone like that, especially someone who's my friend, alright?  I treat whores better than how I saw you treating Allan, and that ain't right.  You better learn some respect, boy, 'cause I'll be keeping my eyes on you."

Danny nodded vigorously and cowered under Johnny's cold gaze.  "Get out of my sight."  Johnny let go of Danny's hair, and watched the so-called best football player run off, whimpering like a little puppy.

Johnny turned abruptly to face Allan.  "What the hell were you doing with him anyway?"

Allan kept his eyes glued to the ground as he said, "I-I told him I didn't want to be with him anymore, and then he just got mad…"

"You knew damn well what he was going to do something to you, and you still went along by yourself.  What the hell were you even thinking when you said you would be with him?  Were you just clueless about what that bastard was gonna do to you or were you just being an idiotic bitch?"  Johnny was yelling at him now.  "Man, when I heard about dumb blondes, I thought people meant only girls…looks like I've just been proved wrong."  Then he walked away. 

Andy frowned at Johnny's comment, the lollipop still in his mouth.  "Aww…Allan, don't be upset.  You know Johnny didn't mean that," he said as he comforted the other, whose brilliant blue eyes were now squeezing out small drops of tears.  Andy brushed the blond hair neatly into place and said, "There, there, don't cry…red and puffy eyes don't go well with a pretty face like yours now, does it?  Johnny's always mean after a fight.  That was just his way of saying be more careful next time…he was just worried that you might have gotten hurt.  You know how much he admires your beauty."  Allan's cheeks blushed at this remark.  "Why don't you go rest under the tree, Brian and Jin are already sleeping there.  I'll wake you up when it's time to go."     

Andy watched Allan as he fell asleep leaning against the tree.  He waited until Johnny finished another stick of cigarette before approaching him.  Everyone knew well enough that Johnny shouldn't be messed with right after he showed his anger.  "You should go apologize to Allan," was all he said to him. 


"What do you mean, why?  What you said to him was so mean!  If you don't apologize, I'll never talk to you again."

Without a word, Johnny was pressing Andy onto a wall, their bodies up close so that Andy couldn't escape.  "Johnny…what's wrong with you?" Andy asked, feeling uncomfortable at the feeling of how close they were. 

Johnny inhaled the strawberry scent of the lollipop, nuzzling the other's neck with his face.  He smirked when Andy's body stiffened under his touch and struggled even more to get out of his grasp, but Johnny pressed him back firmly.  Johnny caressed the brunette's face slowly and asked, "If I apologize, then will you be mine?" 

"What are you talking about?  Let me go!"  Johnny chuckled and stepped back, setting Andy free.  "You're so cute when you whine," he said, and pulled at the lollipop stick in Andy's mouth.  Andy handed it to him to enjoy for a moment before he stuck his hand out to have it back.  Playfully, Johnny said, "What do you want?"

"Spit," Andy commanded.  Without spitting out the lollipop, Johnny spat onto Andy's hand.  "EWW!  JOHNNY!" Andy yelled as he quickly wiped his hand on Johnny's shirt while the other just laughed at him.  "Give me back my lollipop."

"Only if you catch me first."  With that, Johnny took off with the candy still in his mouth, Andy following close behind.  After a short distance, the two tumbled onto each other, both fighting for dominance over the other.  When they were both exhausted, Andy was on his back, in a very compromising position beneath Johnny, with his legs wide apart and arms being pinned down by Johnny.  Johnny looked down at the body beneath him and smirked, teasing his friend further.  "I never knew you could be so accommodating, Andy.  If you wanted this so much, then you should've told me before, we can't do it in public…unless you want to, I'm fine with whatever you're fine with."  Andy only increased his writhing and struggling against Johnny's grasp, complaining that his clothes will get dirty and his hair will be messy.  "You know you like this position," Johnny teased. 

Andy had had enough.  With all the strength left in him, he rolled them over so that now he was on top.  He popped the candy out of Johnny's mouth and stuck it back into his mouth, giving a triumphant smirk to Johnny.  Instead of complaining, Johnny said, "So you like to be on top?  Sorry Andy, I like you a lot, but I don't give up the top very easily.  I always imagined that you would be the one on the bottom." 

Irritated, Andy raised his hand to hit Johnny, when he was suddenly rolled over again.  "No?  You sure you want to be on the bottom, baby?"  Andy started to whine again, but stopped.  "I'll scream if you don't let me go." 

"Yeah?  I dare you."

Out of Andy's mouth came a high-pitched scream.  Johnny just laughed at this, and finally got off, not before kissing Andy on the cheek and saying, "Someday, you will be mine." 


Off at a distance from the group, Troy watched the whole scene from a bench, but with disinterested eyes as they kept landing on the sleeping form of Allan.  He almost jumped out of his seat when he heard a voice say, "Shouldn't you go see him?" 

"Hey Kyle…how long were you standing there?" he asked as the black-haired youth emerged from behind the tree and sat next to him. 

"I've been coming here for the last few days alone…just to think.  Why aren't you with Allan?  He broke up with Danny for you."

Troy traced the patterns on the wood of the bench as he said, "I know…I know that, but I don't understand why he did that.  I thought he didn't return the same feelings for me."

"But do you still love Allan?"  Troy nodded.  "Then trust him.  Allan knows what he is doing and he knows it's for the best…for both of you.  Don't give up on him, you'll regret it."

Troy looked at the other with doubt.  "You really think it's going to work out?  But now I don't even know how to approach him…we're best friends, but now we seem so different."

"Difference is what draws people together closer, Troy.  Variety is what keeps us together.  Without it, this world would be nothing."

"Isn't that why you liked Brian?  Then why did you…you know…"Troy asked.  Kyle hesitated for a moment at the topic, but said, "Brian and I…are just too different.  I couldn't give Brian what he wanted and he couldn't accept that from me." 

"But it's Brian's nature to demand more than you can give him, isn't it?  Part of being in love is to accept the other person's ways…right?  Brian loves you, Kyle, he doesn't want to be apart from you…" Troy startled when the other broke down in front of him. 

"Brian said so himself that he doesn't love me anymore, so why should I be with someone who doesn't care about me?  You don't understand, Troy…he didn't love me the way you love Allan."

Troy tried to wipe the tears away from the pale, doll-like face, but he knew he wasn't the one that could heal the immense emotional pain that Kyle felt inside.  "But you still want to be with him, don't you?  Kyle…please don't cry.  I'm sorry, I know you're upset about the whole thing, but you can't give up on Brian like that.  Like you told me, don't give up…" Troy held the trembling body in his arms, trying to calm him down.  He hadn't wished to make anyone else so upset…

Before the end of lunch, Johnny and Andy went to the tree to wake everyone up, Andy still refusing to talk to Johnny after the lollipop incident.  They woke Brian up first, both having to help the sick boy sit up properly without falling over.  "You feeling better?" Johnny asked.  "A little bit…I don't want to go to class…leave me to sleep…" Brian muttered, still half-asleep.  When Jin woke up, he blinked several times before giggling.  "Andy, what were you doing the whole time?  Your clothes are full of grass stains and dirt…" Andy glared and mouthed "It's all your fault" to Johnny, who only winked at him. 

Before Andy could wake Allan, Troy joined them after he couldn't do anything to soothe Kyle down.  Kyle was trying to wipe his tears with one sleeve while following Troy reluctantly, with Troy holding onto his other hand.  His eyes and cheeks were red with the flowing tears and the constant wiping of them.  When they arrived, Andy immediately went to take Troy's place, taking the crying boy in his arms while whispering some phrases in Vietnamese, their native language.  Kyle buried his face in Andy's sweatshirt, muffling his cries a bit. They exchanged words in their own language while the others looked on, too stunned or pitying one of the youngest members of the group.  All they understood were some phrases Andy whispered in English.  While holding the young boy gently but protectively, he whispered, "…I know, baby, I know…I'm so sorry…it's okay to cry…" Troy frowned at the thought that he couldn't do more to help his friend, but was glad that he left him to Andy, who treated Kyle as if he were his own baby brother.  He and Andy were close, sure, but the language that Kyle and Andy shared brought them even closer together.  To him, the image of Andy holding Kyle was as if a little child woke up from a nightmare and had just run to his big brother. 

When the trembling body began to calm down and the crying had come down to just a few sniffles, Andy whispered something once more to Kyle, who nodded and pulled away.  Andy asked Jin to take Kyle inside the school to get cleaned up for class, and Jin happily agreed. 

"What was all that about?" Johnny asked when Jin and Kyle left. 

"It's confidential."  Andy said, sticking his tongue out at Johnny. 

"Is he going to be okay?" Troy asked, worriedly.  Andy nodded and added with a smile, "What did you do to him, anyway?"  "I didn't do anything!  I just asked him stuff, and then he started crying…I thought it would be over soon, but he didn't stop and I tried everything I could…sorry," Troy pouted.  "I didn't say I was blaming you for it, Troy…it's all right."

When the others returned to the school building, Andy and Johnny stayed behind, Johnny watching Andy complain about the stains on his shirt.  "You know, they're not gonna go away by complaining about them," Johnny said, wrapping his arms around Andy's waist from behind.  Andy turned abruptly, making Johnny let go of his hold.  "You know what I don't understand?  Why you're doing this to me.  You know perfectly well that I already have someone and that you can go get anyone else easily, so why are you keep bothering me?"

"Aww…little Andy's mad.  Johnny knows what would make Andy feel a lot better," Johnny licked his lips. 

"Johnny, you're impossible."  Andy turned to return to the school building, not caring whether Johnny would follow him inside or not.  Suddenly, he froze in spot when he felt Johnny's hands on his hips, feeling the sharp, stinging pain from the smack it received.  "You have a really nice ass, Andy," Johnny said before running off into the building, leaving Andy, who just shook his head. 


Andy looked in the bathroom mirror, brushing his hair for the fifth time for its perfection, while posing in front of the mirror at the same time.  He was the only person in the bathroom, so he felt free to take as long as he wished.  After checking that his clothes were also in a perfect condition and packing his bag, he smiled at himself in the mirror once again. 

He turned around and nearly screamed when he suddenly bumped into Johnny, who looked as if nothing happened.  "Johnny!  What are you standing there for?  You nearly gave me a heart attack!" 

Johnny cracked a wide grin and said, "Well, it's after school, and I didn't have anything to do, so I came looking for you.  Aren't you happy to see me?" 

"Yeah, right.  Super.  I thank you so much for scaring me like that.  You –," Andy's sentence was cut off by hungry lips as Johnny claimed his lips, pushing him to the nearest wall in the process.  His bag dropped with a thud on the floor, hands gripping the other's shoulders, as their bodies were pressed closer.  Johnny took advantage of Andy's stunned state, his tongue exploring the corners of his beloved's mouth while grinding his erection onto the other's.  When Andy started struggling to pull away, Johnny pressed his lips more firmly, leaving Andy powerless to do anything against him.

When Johnny finally pulled away, Andy fell forward into Johnny's arms panting, face flushed and his knees weak from the kiss.  "Johnny…" 

"I've waited long enough, Andy.  It's about time you tell me whether you want me or not.  Don't think that my feelings for you are jokes…I love you, Andy.  I could do so much more for you…I could make you feel so good…" Andy's body stiffened when he felt Johnny's hands under his shirt, caressing the bare skin gently.  He shuddered at the cool air in the bathroom that suddenly surrounded his skin, arching into Johnny's touch with a moan.  "Johnny…we shouldn't do this…"  "It's okay…no one's here but us…" Andy opened his mouth to say something, but stopped when his eyes met Johnny's lust-filled eyes.  There was nothing he could do to stop this…

Andy's eyes shut tightly and a groan escaped his throat when he felt Johnny's hand around his cock, firmly grasping the soft flesh.  He gasped at the heat that rushed through his body as Johnny began to stroke the flesh.  He closed his eyes to better enjoy the new sensation, even when his mind yelled at him that it was wrong.

Johnny quickened the pace of his hand, watching as Andy moaned loudly and his pants grew louder.  The cool, elegant, gallant Andy, his body completely submitted to his control, writhing and thrashing on the throes of a simple hand job.  The head thrown back, the flushed face, wet with perspiration, eyes tightly closed, the small, desperate whimpers and moans coming from the wet and slightly bruised lips added to the eroticism of the moment as the shaft in his hand began to become harder.  Andy's reaction to the action was more than he could have ever dreamt of.  "You don't know how long I've wanted this from you…every night, Andy, I dream of you and me going so much farther than this," he whispered in Andy's ear.  Andy half-opened his eyes and whimpered as Johnny tightened his grip, eyes drugged with pleasure and look of ecstasy on his face.  Johnny claimed the wet lips again, and this time, there was no resistance.  His lips traveled down to Andy's neck, licking and nibbling at the soft flesh.  He felt the savage urge rise within him when Andy gasped and allowed him more room for his kisses, wanting to mark him as his possession. 

Andy was his.

He bit down hard and smirked when the body beneath him jerked and cried out, bearing the mark of his possession.  A few more strokes and Andy came hard into Johnny's hand, his body convulsing and crying out from the overwhelming sensation.  He fell with a whimper when his knees refused to support him any longer, but Johnny caught him soon enough.  "Wasn't that good?" he asked Andy as he licked the white fluid from his fingers.  Andy didn't respond but buried his face in Johnny's shirt, still panting while Johnny dressed him. 

"Here, wear this," Johnny said, giving Andy his jacket to cover up the mess of the white fluid on Andy's pants so that no stranger will give him any suspicious looks.  Seeing that the other won't be able to walk in the poor condition, Johnny carried him on his back, enjoying the warmth of the other's body on him. 

When they reached Andy's apartment, Johnny opened the door and went inside, finding Andy asleep on his back.  He laid the smaller boy on his bed and tucked him in with the blanket.  He sat on the edge of the bed and watched the sleeping face, the cheeks still a bit flushed but beautiful anyway.  He's not going to like his hair when he wakes up, Johnny thought, as he patted down the brunette's unruly hair.  Placing a small kiss on the lips, he said, "See you tomorrow, beloved," and left the apartment, whistling a cheerful tune. 


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