Another piece of schoolwork. 'Write a story with the title of Valentine'. Written from the viewpoint of a boy?.oh dear.

I have never written a descent romance before ever. Has that changed as of this piece of writing? Well. Decide for yourself.

It may start really cheesy but just you read to the end and see.It's only very short.

Read and review please.


So we saw the film. Jennifer and I. We shared pop-corn and watched the film. I watched the film with Jennifer. Romeo and Juliet, think. I can't remember what the film was like really. I was really watching her more. Jennifer was perfect. Tall, modest and bright with luxurious flowing black hair. Watching her laugh during the funny moments, seeing her drawn nearly to tears during the very sad and touching moments. Beautiful and sweet in the cinema lights. It was a long film. The film ended at half past ten. We were going to go our separate ways. Not yet. I walked a few steps and turned back to where she was heading off.

'ah.Jennifer?.' I asked slowly. 'Yes, Chris?' she turned too, focusing her deep blue eyes on me. 'Can I walk you home?' I asked. I must have sounded intrusive but I couldn't help but ask. 'yeah!' she answered smiling and crossed her arms. 'yeah sure'

Jennifer explained to me where she lived. It was fairly far from where I lived but I didn't care. 'I really enjoyed that film, Chris.' Jennifer said smiling I tried not to blush 'Oh really? I'm glad.' 'I really enjoyed the film.' She said again but she then stopped and looked me in the eyes 'but I also enjoyed being with you.' 'thank you, I enjoyed being with you too, Jennifer'

'Christopher?' 'Yes?' 'At the cinema we talked and ate and laughed. I've never had so much fun with anyone before . all the other boys before all wanted only one thing.sometimes.' She looked as if she was going to say more but she didn't. Her deep melancholy blue eyes suddenly turned sad. I felt a sudden great sadness too. I then shut my eyes and vowed that I would never make her sad like anybody else, as the autumn leaves collected at my feet.

I walked her home. We talked. Not about anything in particular. Books, schoolwork and anything and everything that came to mind. Talking and laughing and hand in hand.

We got to her house. 'Thanks, Christopher' a smile and then she kissed me. I felt dizzy at first but I stared at her in wonder. Standing in the light of her porch, a prime example of how things could go right. Surrounded by a holy light like that from religious paintings. She was an smiling angel. I thought that as I walked home. A beautiful shining angel. When suddenly the area was bathed in light.


that light? 'no.' What is it? Mornings rays?.'no, not again. Please.' I tried to grip onto the reverie for as long as time would permit. I tried to hold onto the happy world that I loved so much... holding onto the happy dream world I loved. The autumn leaves melted away like sweet sherbet. With so much as a blink, the world was gone. The window drowned me in it's disgusting brightness. It hurt. Ached. I had fallen asleep onto of my Chemistry notes and the notebook was inevitably digging into my neck. In perfect silence I stood up and try to wash the sawdust out of my throat with a glass of water. I tried wash away my morning tears too, but they refuse to go away.

At school. I walked past a group of chatting girls, they all, inevitably, ignore me. Even that girl with the long flowing black hair. The girl with blue eyes. The girl who will never acknowledge me. That girl who gossips with her friends and turns a light crimson whenever they mention her footballer boyfriend.

That girl and her friends. They don't notice me. I'll pretend not to notice them. I'll walk past them. I'll hug my notebooks to my chest and not once will I ever look back.