How could I have seen such a sight?
You tears falling down your cheek.
The chains of my heart tears apart,
looking away,
I see a disgusting reflection of myself,
I caused this pain didn't I?

How could I?
AmI that cruel?
I try not to notice,
I try not to see,
I was the one who gave you the pain.
I don't know why.

Stop staring at me in that way,
I understand your fear,
I cry with you.
You talk with your eyes.
But how?
"You caused my pain."

Discovering I couldn't be near you,
my light turns over to darkness.
my heart flees from your soul.

AmI that retarded?
I can't hear myself,
see myself,
I don't understand myself.
I can't even understand you anymore.
Is this truely happening?

You are my heart,
I can't let you go.
I'll die without you.
I just want to live,
and die with you.
AmI that disturbed to you?