Better than me

Things aren't the way they should be, people turn away from me

They don't like the way I am, they throw these silly words at me

At that time I will just watch it, just wait until they leave and it's done

It's then…

Then I'll feel the tears, sliding down my face

It's then I'll feel repent for who I am, inside and face

I'll wish I wasn't me, I'll shut my eyes though the tears

I don't want to stop being me but I want desperately to be somebody else.

Somebody better. Would a better person feel these tears?

Is that person sitting alone in the dark wishing they were you?

The words, they come back, I can feel my heart harden.

My eyes dry with the soothing cold I can feel. It was ONLY silly words after all.

If I consider these small things won't they just be a burden?

Would a better person have such cold eyes?

Cold eyes… are they colder than mine?

The better person, better than me…

(written: Thursday, October 03, 2002)