A/N: The translation of the lines in Latin is written below.

No life lasts forever,

No joy goes on forever,

Everything is limited;

But time is unlimited.

Mors potestastem habet,

Potestas sua infinita est.

Darkness is the friend of the night,

Darkness is the great fiend of light.

Lux atque nox,

Silentium atque vox.

Our destiny is death,

Precious is every breath

We take,

For one day we will not awake.

Morsque vita,

Mors et vita.


Mors potestatem habet: Death has power.

Potestas sua infinita est: Its (Death's) power is infinite.

Lux atque nox: Light and night.

Silentium atque vox: Silence and a voice.

Morsque vita: Death and life.

Mors et vita: Death and life.