Song of Dameon

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ************************************************************************

I search the world and hope to find
For what I have stored in mind
Two tainted and imperfect souls
Is what I'll need to obtain my goals.

I see them now, they're in my sights
They deny the darkness, yet shun the light
From what I see they're a curious pair
All around them feel a disturbing air.

I give them names and take them in
And tell them their training shall now begin
I train them hard and make them strong
But I do not teach them right from wrong

I send them out to destroy my foes
Their deadliness is much untold
They cry and weep and scream at least thrice
I'll make them stop, but for a price.

Many years this game now has run
The pair no longer seems to have fun
They'll turn on me soon, that much I know
But I'll do one last thing before I go

I'll get my revenge from beyond the grave
When they've seen me rise, they won't be so brave
I'll use my magic to come back from the dead
It'll let me come back, even if they remove my head

So come if you must, you horrible pair
You'll find that the game is now most unfair
For when you put me in that box made of pine
You'll find the last laugh is most assuredly mine.