~*Cried You a River*~
I cried you a river,
From my heart to yours.
Showing you the way,
To finding where you belong.

You brought so many tears,
up into my eyes.
Now I'm drained,
of that salty liquid,
That stained my face all because,
I cried you a river.

Some people ssay,
They've been told 100,000 lies.
But I tell them,
I shed 100,000 tears for you.

Just to rbing you back to me,
But now I see.
Never again will you and I be.
In the crystal ball we're not seen.
And I cried you a river.

Emitting every feeling and memory of you,
Into the darkened abyss,
That brings about my tomorrow.
I cried you a river,
Just to say goodbye to yesterday.