Live in my Dreams

It's just a poem I wrote, not much else to say. ^_^

Live in my Dreams
by Rb

I live in my dreams
a peaceful world
composed of only me

No one can intrude
it's my own world
where I'm alone and safe

Outside the world
is full of horrible things
I shut it out, shut it out

I live in my dreams
Never want to wake up
My delusion is so warm

Never have to think
Never have to feel
I just live in my dreams

I'm the fairy princess
I'm so important, in
shades of pinks and violets

Too much around me
I retreat inwards
I live in my dreams

I want to find peace
I want to go home
To a place I've never been

All I can do is
search within my heart
Find the key to my own world

I'll live in my heart
No one can touch me
When I'm wrapped in myself

I live in my dreams
I live in my dreams
I live in my dreams