Summary: I wrote this poem after trying to contact the Gentry. I believe in them.

To Mab - In Praise of the Faery Queen

Worlds may crash, collide, and thunder,
Children's eyes may lose their wonder,
Heaven's stars may wake from dreaming,
Riverbeds may cease their streaming,
Sky and earth may come together,
Nevermore the two shall sever.
But of all things of life and sorrow
That lay awaiting in tomorrow
None have given life that spark
Like waiting for Mab in the dark.

With skin and dress like spider's silk,
She dines upon honey and milk.
Eyes like softest moonlit pearl,
The ocean's waves doth barely curl
To meet the shadow of her hair
And crash upon her shoulders bare.
Of all the things that make life tragic,
Yet give it flavor of sweet magic,
None have given night its spark
Like watching Mab fly in the dark.

Flowers shy and clouds depart,
The butterflies and bees upstart,
Every blade of grass springs upward,
The sun and moon both leap forward,
And the world then ends its sighing
As the rains themselves stop crying.
Nothing so wond'rous will e'er occur
As when God designed a space for her.
Nothing has given my life its spark
As seeing Mab fly in the dark.