Summary: Gremurple is blue, green, and purple. It's a color my sister and a mutual friend made up/discovered on this guy's mohawk.

Explanation: This poem is about the color gremurple, but also about CSSSA. My sister went to this writing school last summer 2002 and she met a bunch of friends there. This is dedicated to her and I hope she carries with her everything her friends taught her that summer.

What is "Gremurple"?

Gremurple is a color both mystical
And mythical,
And runcible,
A color hyperspastical,
Beautiful, fantastical,
And a little bit of ocean, sea -
It's magical.
A little bit of heather.
A touch of stormy weather,
And it's the age of now and ever.
It's the green of grass in summer,
The beat of a hardcore drummer,
Mix all of this together,
And you almost have "Gremurple".
It's a little bit of blue jean,
A hired, stripping drag queen,
It's a burning barbie teen,
And everything between.
It's every summer day
And every summer night,
All your friends away
And all your friends in sight.
It's the switchblade that will sever
The strings of "Good-bye forever".
Put all of this together
And now you have "Gremurple".