Hey! This is a preview of a story very near and dear to my heart. It's a good long one, filled with lots of tenderness and funny lines and such. This will explain my penname and screename to you, so read and enjoy!

"Aren't cellos big instruments?" Rose whispered to her friend Keisha, "that one there looks tiny."

Keisha looked back over her shoulder at the very average-sized cello in the hands of a very large woman. The cellist flicked her auburn hair back out of her eyes and sleepily leaned on her instrument.

"She's gonna fall asleep!" Rose giggled.

Keisha smiled. "Yeah, I know. I wonder, if we pulled the cello away, would she fall to the floor?"

Rose snickered. "Do you think she'd break the floor?"

Keisha tried to keep her laugh quiet as the tenors continued to sing. "Honey, I think she'd crash all the way through to the basement."

Rose let out a loud laugh, but a fierce look from the maestro and a quizzical look from the cellist quieted her. She looked embarrassedly at the floor, not looking up until Keisha elbowed her.

"Hey girl, she's staring at you!"

Rose looked up at the cellist, who immediately looked away. "No way, Keisha," she whispered, "she's looking at you."

"Uh uh, honey. Everyone knows I'm taken. Mm-mm, me and my Michaela, nuthin' can separate us."

Rose chuckled; that was very true. It had been very true since the girls had met in high school. She caught the cellist's eyes for a moment, until the cellist looked away again. This continued several times.

"Miss Morrison?" the old maestro called, "Please come down to practice your solo with the string quartet."

Keisha smiled. "You go, girl."

Rose stepped down and stood next to the quartet. 'Hmm,' she thought, 'the cellist really is staring at me.' The instrumentalists set their bows and began to play their gorgeous melody in perfect harmony. Maestro signaled her in and she began to sing.

"Itooshii hito no tame ni, ima nani ga, dekiru ka ra?" She quieted as the cellist's green eyes fixed on her. Her dark eyebrows were set in a critical position.

'Does she not like my singing?' Rose thought, then shrugged it off and continued to sing. Once finished she turned around to head back to her seat. Out of curiosity, she glanced back at the large cellist. This time, the woman held her gaze for more than a few seconds. There was something about her eyes…

"Miss Morrison! Thank you, now go."

Rose jumped and blushed as the maestro noticed her standing. She scurried back to her seat and sat down.

Keisha looked at her with raised eyebrows. "What was that about? Do you know her from somewhere?"

Rose shook her head. She didn't know her at all, and tried to forget those green eyes.

The cellist seemed eager to leave as she cautiously tucked her cello away. She snapped up the case, then reached up and snatched her sheet music from the stand. She held it in her mouth as she grabbed her backpack in one hand and the cello in the other and then stood up.

Keisha emitted a low whistle. "Damn, getta load'a that bulk!" Rose was amazed that any woman could be that big. She merely watched her leave the room and didn't move until Keisha elbowed her.

"C'mon girl, Michaela's waiting."

They made their way to the café on campus to meet Keisha's long-time girlfriend. Michaela already had a booth and her food.

"What took you so long?" she asked, kissing Keisha and smiling and Rose. This made Keisha giggle.

"A girl in the strings had a crush on Rose." She laughed as Rose blushed and elbowed her. She then described the cellist to Michaela.

"All I know about her is that she's a junior and is single," Michaela said, raising her eyebrows suggestively. Keisha laughed again and swatted her girlfriend.

"Aw, let it go."

Michaela bit into her burger with a satisfied grin. The talk switched to a class that the girls shared, so the mystery woman faded to the back of Rose's mind. However, one thing kept coming back to her: those beautiful green eyes.

The cellist, Tien, trudged up to her dorm. She gruffly unlocked her door and walked in, shoving her instrument into the corner and poking her dozing roommate.

"Wake up, Caroline."

The redhead pulled the book off her face and blinked. "What? Oh, it's you. How was practice?"

Tien grunted. "Boring." She lied to cover up the fact that the pretty blue-eyed soloist had made her uncomfortable. Secretly she had felt her palms getting sticky and sweaty at the same time. Then at the sound of her voice she almost stopped playing, and would have if it hadn't been for the soloist's horrible pronunciation.

She tried to forget about the soloist, but something about her stuck in Tien's head. 'Face it Tien, she made your palms sticky,' the little voice in her head spoke, 'you should seek her out and talk to her.' Tien shook it off. She convinced herself that the pretty soloist was just gawking at her height.

Just for clarification: this is an alternate universe! Women can get other women pregnant, men can get men pregnant, women can get men pregnant, etc. Tien's hands get sticky cuz f/f sex with hands, her seed is contained in her wrists, at least the gland is there (fingers, get the idea? If not, IM me and I'll explain better!). Thanks for reading, leave a review! If I get more than five, I will continue!