I can still see my family and the love of my life

Not having a care in the world

The times I was happy and……….free

Till that one fateful day I met you

My life changes forever in an instant

The life I knew was now gone and I am forced to live in darkness

But it doesn't matter to you

It doesn't matter to you because its my life not yours

How I wish I can go back and change that day

I want to be a human again

To still be with "him"

But the life I have now is more than I can ask for

Alucard how I love you so much

Crescent you give me so much inspiration

Dark Master even though you are a dunpeal somehow you feel my pain

But even though I look happy am I?

I feel so alone

If I ever see "him" again who changed my life

I vow revenge upon you

I swear it upon my lost loved ones grave

This life I have is everything I can wish for…….or is it?