The black jewel on his necklace shined brightly, engulfing him into the darkness. His feet were trapped as a dark fog crept upwards, eating him slowly. With fearful eyes he tried to escape, but only managed to give it more access, allowing it to slither up his body with ease.

He gave out a cry, reaching out for his unconscious companion, who lay in the pool of her own blood. Crystal tears mixed with sweat and blood as he forced himself to extend an arm out to her.

"Please.... live...." he whispered, clutching onto the sleeve of her midnight blue gown. He gave her hand a squeeze, and whispered a small incantation. White light appeared from the burning building behind them and directed itself to the girl, emitting a glow from her body.

Suddenly, her eyes blared white, her fiery hair transforming to silk, her face turning deathly pale, pearl-colored fangs started to grow as she let out a shriek of anger. She stood up, and with one strong blow she destroyed the flesh-eating darkness that attacked her brother, but she was still out for blood. His amethyst eyes widened at the sight, and he slowly backed away from the monster that was his sister.

The Gates of Darkness has opened....

'What have I done?'


Violet orbs shot wide open, as a young boy stared at the cream colored ceiling. He was as pale as a ghost, a thin sheet of sweat covered his body. He sat up and held his forehead, panting slightly, his eyes out of focus. Salty tears slid down his cheeks as he sat in the dark, an uncomfortable silence hanging about.

He continued sitting there for a while, before hearing a knock on the door. A muffled voice came, one he recognized to be a girl, asking if he's all right.

"I'm okay, Safari, go back to your room, " he hissed, glaring at the door, satisfied when he heard her leave. He resumed staring at the ceiling, before quickly wiping the tears away. He stood up and walked towards the bathroom, stepping onto the soft, leathery moleskin rug as he picked up a wolf-skin towel. Once he entered, he took a quick glance at himself and instantly frowned.

Short, soft cerulean-blue hair framed a pale face; narrow amethyst eyes glared right back at him. The sparkles that was supposed to be there has vanished long time ago and instead, was replaced by a cold distant look. His clothes were too large for him, for he was about the age of 11, yet dresses like a teen rebel. He wore a black, long-sleeved, turtleneck with rip and holes on the sleeves, and a golden dragon is plastered on the chest area. He also had, tight-fit, leather pants, plain black shoes, and a white vest on top. He growled in frustration, his eyes turning white as he punched the mirror, breaking it into nothing but glass shards, piercing his ghostly-white skin, staining the sink with his blood.

He quickly returned to normal, and stared at his bruised limb. A smirk grazed his lip as he stared at his own blood, before he washed his hand and face. After doing that, he opened the medicine cabinet and, after digging the bandages and tweezers, left the bathroom to fix his hand in his room.

He sighed as he picked up the tweezers, carefully plucking out the small pieces of glass that found its way on his skin. He then wrapped his wounded appendage with the bandages, ignoring the blood that seeped through it. Tears started to form once more as he recalled his past, his mistake, and his curse.


"Oneechan!!!! Daijoubu wa?" he cried, as he ran to the girl that stood in the midst of the fiery haven that was their home. A girl with long, flowing red hair stared at him, a sad smile formed on her lips as her deep green eyes pleaded him to leave. She mouthed words, while reaching out for him.

Leave, Schuevioulle, you are our last hope.

His eyes widened once more, as he read what she had mouthed.

'Schuevioulle? Who is he? Is that my name?'

Salty tears formed in his cerulean orbs before he screamed the words he knew would do nothing, for this would be the last time he'll ever see her again.


~End Flashback~

"Schuevioulle, huh? She always called me lil bro, didn't think I had a name..." He said to himself, as he used his uninjured hand to clutch a black jewel necklace that hung around his neck. He glared at it momentarily, before his eyes softened for the first time.

'I will avenge you, Tina, if it's the last thing I do..'

"HEY!!!! SCHUE!!!! YOU AWAKE?" Suddenly, he was jolted out of his thoughts as a male voice screamed through his door. Gritting his teeth he steadily walked towards the door and opened it, revealing a grinning 12-year old with his hands behind his back. A vein found it's way on Schuevioulle's forehead as he saw the newcomer, and quickly moved to slam the door, only to be stopped by the other's hand.

"Get the hell out of here Calzion, or else.." He hissed, eyes shooting up to form an icy glare at his companion. Calzion cocked an eyebrow before rolling his eyes and pulled him out of the room. "Geez, Schue, 4 years with ya and I still expected something new but your barks. And stop calling me Calzion, it's Zion, you idiot." He said sarcastically yet playfully, earning another glare from him.

"4 years and you are still an imbecile." He muttered, allowing Calzion to drag him towards the kitchen. Calzion had long, slick black hair tied in a messy ponytail, and two brown orbs that looks way too adorable for a 12 year old. He had an air of happiness surrounding him, making anyone who sees him feel happy (except for Schuevioulle, who was currently grumbling about ways to kill Calzion) and somewhat excited (to kill- Schuevioulle's case). He wore a plain, blue earring on his left ear, and a golden chained, blue cross necklace hung around his neck. A black jacket with a fiery skull on the back hid a loose, plain white shirt that covered the chains around his waist. He wore blue jeans with tears and holes, and brown boots.

" Come on, Schue! Or else we'll miss breakfast!" he whined, tugging harder on his arm. Schuevioulle hissed as he felt Zion's hand brush against his wounds, but quickly recovered and stayed silent. Zion noticed the slip-up, but chose to ignore it knowing that his 'friend' would choose to stay quiet. He frowned when Schuevioulle refused to move, but quickly smiled as an idea popped into his head. Schuevioulle ignored Zion until he noticed that his companion was silent, looking up he saw him smirking evilly.


"Well, since you don't want to move." he growled lowly, Schuevioulle's eyes widened as he noted the tone then spun around, trying to escape Zion. He wasn't quick enough though, because the second he turned Zion took a tight hold on his arm and waist and hoisted him over his shoulder. Schuevioulle let out a cry of frustration and embarrassment, growling lowly as he noticed Zion chirping happily.

"Let go, you moron!!!!" he hissed, struggling against his tight hold, Zion blinked and cocked an eyebrow. "You wish? Dream on! Now let's get some grub!!!" he chirped, walking towards the kitchen with a load on his shoulder. Giggles were heard as they passed several rooms, and Schuevioulle felt himself blush at his situation.

'Once he lets me go, I swear he's dead meat!' he cried out mentally, cursing under his breath. Zion seemed oblivious to all of this and continued walking towards the kitchen, whistling a small tune under his breath. Once they arrived there, they were greeted with laughter from the people inside. (There's only one person, you know.)

"Hwa ha ha ha!!! Look what the cat just brought in!" a voice said, Zion and Schuevioulle turned to the source of the voice, Zion greeting him and Schuevioulle glaring at him (it wasn't very intimidating because he was blushing like a ripe tomato by now).

"Hey, mornin' to you too, Zlan!" he said, hearing Schuevioulle growl a 'Shut up' under his breath. He quickly placed the latter down, who quickly jumped on him and started wringing his neck.

"Damn you, Calzion!!!!" he yelled, his eyes narrowing and his face red with embarrassment and fury. He was quickly pulled off by none-other-than Zlan, who sighed and dragged Schue towards a chair.

Zlan is a handsome young teen of 13, the second oldest child in their group. He had silver hair; his bangs had red streaks while the rest of his hair had gold streaks, and he wore a green bandana. His skin is (very!) slightly tanned from previous outings, and he had golden eyes with a mixture of silver and bronze. He wore a sleeveless white shirt with a golden chain wrapped around his waist, and plain blue jeans. His arms were well built, not too muscular though, his right arm had a green cloth wrapped around the junction between his shoulder and elbow. He also wore thick, brown leather boots with spikes on the sides of the heels.

"Yo, Chill out, Schevy!" he smiled; only to back off, barely escaping the fist that flew his way. He received a heated look from him, before Schuevioulle turned to look that the dining table. "Don't call me that!" he said, his amethyst orbs piercing through the wooden furniture.

"Yeah, yeah. sorry." He said, walking over to the unconscious Zion. Zlan cocked an eyebrow as he saw the spiral eyes of his friend; he sweatdropped for a moment then sighed and dragged Zion towards the table. Schuevioulle glared at Zion before he stood up and walked towards the kitchen counter, grabbing a plastic cup and pouring ice-cold water in it.

Walking back, he grabbed a frying pan and a pink apron before he stood in front of Zion. "Wake up, you dolt." He hissed, before pouring the ice water on him, a loud yelp echoed through the halls as Zion sputtered and gasped. Zlan covered his mouth with his right hand and his left was clutching his stomach, muffling an escaped laughter.

"The hell did you do that for?!!!!" Zion screamed, Schuevioulle just rolled his eyes and said nothing. He tossed the empty cup towards Zlan (who didn't catch it due to the fact that he's laughing) and shoved the frying pan and apron towards Zion.

"You're cooking."

"What?! Why?"

"Because I said so."

"Can't I cook tomorrow?"

"Would you want to have a 'knuckle' sandwich?"



Zion groaned and reluctantly grabbed the offending materials, quickly putting the apron on (earning a laugh from Zlan) and stomped towards the kitchen. Schuevioulle went back to his original place on the table, and Zlan shakily sat on his place, still laughing but not as hard. "Stop laughing or else I'll call Chibi, she'll handle you." He growled, Zlan quickly shut up and pouted.

Just then, a girl came in, both greeting hello to the occupants of the room. Zlan visibly paled as he saw her and quickly dived behind Schuevioulle, who was unfazed by her entrance. He looked at her as if she was offending, before snorting and crossings his arms.

"Well, hello to you too, Leader." The girl, a young brunette of 12, said sarcastically. The brunette was wearing a loose white shirt with a belt hanging loosely from her right shoulder to her left hip, black spandex hugged her legs. Her rubber shoes was a mixture of blue and green, sparkling a bit because of the glitters that found their way there. Her eyes were as blue as the sea, and she wore sunglasses to cover them (you know, kinda like Cyclops from x-men? Hehehehe)

Another snort was heard followed by a whimper as Schuevioulle pulled the pale Zlan from behind him. "Hello, Chibi. I think someone is ecstatic to see you." He said flatly, pushing Zlan in front of him before walking towards the kitchen. "Do me a favor and keep him busy, I better go check up on that moron to make sure he hasn't put poison in the food." He huffed, before entering the kitchen.

"Ooh, don't worry leader. I'll make sure he's got company." She grinned evilly, Zlan slowly backing away while turning into an interesting shade of green.