Evolutionary chain.

we are in a time of change. Everyone changes along there life, but that is not what I am talking about. People's bodies are changing. Yes I am on about Evolution, survival of the fittest, natural selection. What ever you want to call it. In this time, though, something new in Evolution is about to start...Or, has it already begun?

The sun's final glow was touching the area surrounding the small village of Tanto. The people where turning down their lamps and tucking their children in bed, everyone went to sleep at this time, it was an old tradition. Everyone, that is, except for the sole occupier of the house at the top of the hill. The light where still bright in there, it was though he never went to sleep. He never came down to the village, and people only know he is a he because every so often he would come out of his house to hunt or cut wood. They never got to close though. Except for one boy, he was different from everyone else. He had something in him that made him not care about what other people thought of him. The chain of events that would start this day would change this boys life...forever.

"Mom." Said a quite voice. "Why do we go to sleep at this time every day? When the sun is setting." The voice was quiet and slow, people didn't really talk about it much. "Don't ask stupid questions boy." This was a different voice, harder than the boys. It was his farther. "He was only asking a question dear." The mother said sticking up for the boy." Instantly the man god up and raised his huge rocks for fists, with a fail swoop he had hit her in the face. "Never made me look stupid in front of anyone ever again!" The boy wasn't really scared nor shocked. He hated to see him treat her like that, but he kept that bottled up. "Now boy, for you. For asking stupid questions." The man stomped over towards where the boy was sitting, the boy didn't want to be hit by him. He, too, shot up and made a run for the door. The man shouted. "Get back here, now!" It was too late though, they boys legs where doing what they wanted. Fight or flight, his legs where in control now. He ran all the way up the hill, towards that mans house as he was the only one with a light on. He got right up to the front door until he realised that he wasn't being chased. He was breathing hard. He was very unfit, he looked to the tall wooden door. He wasn't sure what to do, he looked back to his house and then without controlling his arms they started to knock the door. He waited for a few seconds until the doors flew open and grabbed him, pulling him into the house.

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