Your eyes
Those crystal glittering orbs
Diamonds on your face
Your treasure trove of gems
Unsurpassed by all

Your lips
Those silken ribbons of rose
A lustrous crimson river
Flowing with the kisses
That I will never know
For you have no heart...
No soul...
No love...
Such an essence
Frozen by the cold
An icy dagger of pure spite
That was stabbed right through your heart

Your blood was blackened
Tainted with the malice
Not belonging to your soul
But raided by it still
Your blood...
Once a warm, sweet sea
Once a foamy surf of cerise love
Now an ocean
Of undiluted malevolence
A wicked craving for revenge...
But why must I suffer for it?
You suffer too...?

Or perhaps...
You are stone...
A simple carving of rock
An ashen face of porcelain...
Without emotion or compassion
Lacking all ardor
Incapable of love

Your pretty face upon the pillow
Engraved into my mind
Is merely an illusion
You do not feel
You cannot suffer
Do you even think?
How could I bear to love you so?
But alas, how could I not?

For I am blinded
Rendered sightless
By your godly divinity.

Your flawless features
Exquisite upon your cheeks
Painted like a dream
With hues I can't resist
Are they purely a deception
To further scar my spirit?

Could I send you
Toppling to the ground
Watch you fall
Watch you tumble
See you face upon the floor
Now a scattered pile of white glass
Embellished with remains
Your pretty face
Those scarlet lips
Your piercing eyes
Those azure, glistening pools
Now no more...
To wound me with their stare
Your enchanting smooth brown locks
Now adornments of your corpse

A dismembered doll
Your porcelain face
Nothing but shards
Nothing but white
Resting on the floor
No more.
But did I ever hear you, really?

You were nothing but a figure
A perfect, lovely figure
Dressed is graceful folds of silk
To tempt my mind with evil
So I might be bloodstained too.

But to wreck you
Destroy your angelic facade
Your priceless, ethereal face
That is a crime
That I could not commit...
But you will never change
You are a doll
They never alter
They sit
Dormant, still, frozen...
Trapped inside their world
Their pearly tinted eyes
Blankly gaze ahead
Your face will never greet me
With rays of golden smiles
Never will I live to see
Your eyes a twinkle just for me...

All I see is darkness
A murky, lifeless plague
But what more could I expect
From one no more than porcelain?
For dolls-
They do not love.